Алла Пугачева блеснула на девичнике
Diva was the best looking girlfriends.

Photo: Instagram

The appearance of Alla Pugacheva followed always. Early in his career, she performed in long black robes, then moved on Estra-mini and pink satin. In the 2000s, returned to the robes, but their length was still extra-short. Then it is tied to the fact that due to the age Alla Borisovna began to get better in the waist, but the legs remained slim — and she stressed it in all possible ways.

In recent years, when the Diva once again became a young mother, her image changed again. Now for what she wears, personally following one of the best stylists of Moscow — Alisher. Each season, he personally comes to the village the Dirt in the castle, where a live Alla Pugacheva with Maxim Galkin and their children, with the whole “trunk” brand new products. He makes Dolly parton to try on the most unexpected images. For example, thanks to him, now the singer can easily come in jeans and black leather jackets — and it will be perceived on “hurrah”.

Recently Pugachev had fun in the company of friends at a bachelorette party. A series of holidays in new year days have subsided, but Russian people can’t just take overnight to stop celebrating. Alla Borisova effortlessly stood out among the “girls.” And, as those older than her (Alina Redel, for example) and under it (leading First channel Arina Sharapova).

For home holiday Diva chose a slinky tights and off-shoulder sweater in black. Image complements leather ankle boots on a small heel and macswiney rings. Simple, not pretentious and with style!

Fans check out all the assorted “party”. “Old ladies gathered for a bachelorette party!” — they giggled in the Network.