Алла Пугачева блеснула в кокетливых новогодних образах The prima Donna began intensive training for the holiday. The artist not only made his castle and also took part in filming one of the TV programs. The stylists picked up the star bright and stylish outfits. Fans of the prima Donna found that she looks amazing.

      Alla Pugacheva continues to surprise and delight fans. Others do not skimp on the compliments to the singer, because of its form, is the envy of even the young girl. Diva often chooses for events mini-skirts that reveal her shapely legs. Recently, the Network appeared photos of the band taken during the filming of one of the Christmas programs. They Alla Borisovna shows a slightly Flirty and bright images.

      Pugacheva and Galkin fabulously decorated castle for the New year

      One of the photos appeared on the Internet, the Diva tried on a suit of deep red color combined with a plain beret. Your outfit star added beige pumps and a chunky necklace.

      In another picture, which shared in social networks, Alla depicted in a short and very feminine black dress. The stylists picked for celebrity a wide belt accentuates her waist and Flirty hat.

      Fans of the band happy appearance of images of their idol in the Network. They found that the actress looks great. According to fans of the Divas, she goes any way.

      “Gorgeous,” “super”, “Class”, “now do you feel the coming of the New year and even begins to appear in a festive mood”, “Amazing”, “it is Impossible so gorgeous,” was discussed by the fans of Alla.

      By the way, earlier in Moscow has taken place a solo concert of Kristina Orbakaite. Family came to support a well-known artist. Relatives and friends of Christina sat in the first row. The show stars attended her husband Michael and daughter Claudia, Mykolas ORBacus and Alla Pugacheva. The diva called for a show his daughter in a lush skirt, revealing legs, and made a splash at the event.

      Christina Aguilera staged an incredible show in Moscow

      We also recall that in early December in the capital’s “Olympic” were shooting the Grand festival “song of the year”. It called for all the first persons of the Russian show business, including Christina Aguilera, Sofia Rotaru, Larisa Dolina, Laima Vaikule and Maxim Galkin with his wife Alla Pugacheva. “StarHit” asked Diva, how she will celebrate the New year. According to star, she plans to set a fancy table with festive dishes – Olivier, dressed herring, potatoes, fish under marinade and other dishes. Pugachev also admitted that not drinking alcohol. She can raise a glass of champagne in the family circle, but no more.