Alla Pugacheva delighted daughter Tatiana Navka

Алла Пугачева восхищена дочерью Татьяны Навки Diva amazed at the abilities of the girl. Tatiana Navka has posted a video where she danced little Nadia. Alla Pugacheva has decided to praise the heir of the famous figure skater.

      Алла Пугачева восхищена дочерью Татьяны Навки

      Famous figure skater Tatiana Navka raising a two year old daughter Nadia. Fans are happy watching as a growing girl. Athlete shares his success the baby on the social network to the delight of a half-million army of subscribers. Before Tatiana has published a video in which little Nadia danced around the stage. The girl turns and her dress develops from a movements. The post hinted at the fact that perhaps her daughter has a great future in figure skating. The youngest daughter Tatiana Navka learns to “drive”.

      “Fouette, pirouette or preparing for a quarter-jumping – show life!” – wrote the athlete.

      This video has impressed not only fans of Tatiana, but her star friends. Alla Pugacheva expressed his admiration for the lovely child.

      “A miracle!” – written by Donna in the comments to the publication of the famous figure skater.

      The fans were in agreement with the opinion of Alla. They believe that the girl is very artistic. “Such a sweet Princess, a little Tannin copy!”, “Well, babe, a little doll, what a talented little girl!”, “God, I so admire your daughters always. This angel little”, “This dress is elegant and magnificent, it has to be twisted to scattered in all directions,” he wrote to fans.

      In August, Nadia turned three. Tatiana is doing to the girl was developed and harmonious personality. Since early childhood the heir to visit the various sections, including sports.

      “I never thought that two years you can already enjoy various sports like figure skating, skiing, swimming, gymnastics and so on. And today I completely agree with moderately early and healthy development of children”, – shared his thoughts in a microblog Post.

      The athlete shared the video with Nadia’s practices in gymnastics. The girl learned to walk on a log, and perform somersaults under the scrutiny of the coach. Many noted that the girl shows talents in sports, just like her famous mother, but because she will be able to achieve amazing results, if it is to train hard.

      I must say that the eldest daughter Tatiana Navka Sasha Zhulin made a lot of progress in tennis. However, after injury, the girl decided to leave the sport and be creative. Alexis: “I don’t date!”