Alla Pugacheva criticized Dima Bilan

Алла Пугачева раскритиковала Диму Билана
Primadonna Alla Pugacheva has made the singer Dima Bilan comment in the social network.

Алла Пугачева раскритиковала Диму Билана

The controversial “drunk” Dima Bilan’s concert in Samara on-former does not descend from the front pages of various media – oil on the fire poured today, and the singer, once again writing about this story on his page in Instagram.
“Friends, I, as I recall, he lived and tried to live always according to the laws of humanity and much of life is seen, and forgive myself many times!!! My heart bleeds from how you were supportive of my mistake! I want to turn the page and take all the necessary lessons from this history for yourself! Yes, time goes by and something is forgotten, but this day I will remember all my life! Lots of ideas and plans! You know me for a very long time and I hope that this case of 3 thousand concerts that I have given over a period of 17-18 years of your life, you might say, give life to the scene! What happened is not a system, and force majeure for which I am responsible! But I’m also not a robot and I tend to like all of us, that’s true, wrong!!! Again – massive respect you for poteryannoe your humanity!” – posted by the contractor.

Алла Пугачева раскритиковала Диму Билана

Your comment to the post left Alla Pugacheva, who called the singer to finally stop apologizing: “Humiliation so pride. Enough of this”. Bilan agreed with the diva: “I Fully agree with you! Therefore, the post is called I’m turning the page! And more personally not go back to it.”

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