Alla Pugacheva came under the influence of Allan Chumak

Алла Пугачева попала под влияние Аллана Чумака Last week all the media had spread the sad news that renowned healer died. Allan Chumak, sarajevski water through the TV screen, was considered a symbol of the 90-ies. Even Diva at the time, succumbed to the universal fashion for the psychic.
Алла Пугачева попала под влияние Аллана Чумака

9 Oct gone from the life of famous psychic Alan Chumak, who actively appeared on TV in the early 90-ies. Millions of people were waiting when the healer starts their sessions and charge the water using mysterious passes with his hands. At the same time, chumaka was the most ardent critics who doubt his abilities. As has found out the correspondent “StarHit”, one story related to Allan happened even with Russian pop Diva Alla Pugacheva.

The phenomenon chumaka, Kashpirovsky and juna: how Soviet healers possessed the minds of millions

“It was in the early 90s, when psychic and healer Allan Chumak came into Vogue. Then everyone talked about it, and I have never seen or imagined how it might look. One day after the concert, I turned on the TV and there is this guy balding broadcasts, so much so convincingly: “If you have a perfume, cream, water – bring and place in front of the TV. We will charge them!” – shared as-that Alla Borisovna.

The Russian pop diva quickly grabbed some bottle and put it in front of the TV, because it was “the Chumak!” Then I heard: “Stand in front of the TV and raise your right foot! Now raise your right knee!”.

“I did, and suddenly I hear: “now let’s see how you stupid look”. At first I laughed and then I felt so ashamed. Turns out I have included some youth gear and got on the parody of the parody,” said Pugachev a few years ago.

About the psychic abilities of the Diva legends. For example, it is not difficult to take the deck in hand and guess what color card – black or red. According to star, each shade has its own energy and manages to feel it. By the way, many famous people tell that Alla stunning and attractive aura. But Diva is better not to fall under the hot hand.

So, one day, Alla came to the country to Joseph Kobzon. Celebrities started talking on philosophical themes about life and destiny. “And there was such a strong energy that when the guests went to the door to breathe, they rushed to the huge chain the dogs of Joseph Davidovich, – says journalist Mikhail Sadchikov. Artists looked at the dogs, and between them as if the wall went up. The animals stopped, they turned tail and went about their business – though understand that it is not necessary to make noise and disturb, there are serious people thinking, discussing plans”.