Алла Пугачева пришла на помощь рыдающей Юлианне Карауловой  A graduate of the fifth season of the TV project “Factory of stars” talked about working with the Russian pop Diva. Julianna Karaulov considers celebrity a strict and fair teacher. Once Pugacheva has provided the girl a favor.
Алла Пугачева пришла на помощь рыдающей Юлианне Карауловой

29-year-old Yulianna Karaulova was a member of the jury of vocal show “You’re super!”together with Sergey Lazarev, Igor Krutoy and Victor Drobysh. Celebrities have to evaluate the abilities of young performers aged 8 to 18 years.

Once Julianna and she took part in the competition of young artists – the fifth “star Factory” under the direction of Alla Pugacheva. In a recent interview, the girl told about the behind the scenes of the popular project. Karaulov remembered how once she was brought to tears. Upset the Julianna helped Alla. “The” star factory “participant” and could not think that the Russian pop Diva will make her such a generous gift.

“I had hair to the priests, which I never painted, our stylists, I painted bright red. Realized that it turned out badly, and repainted in dark brown. He told me sorely was not due to a bad hair was the only time I cried on the project – said Karaulova. Pugachev, seeing me, said, “the Horror! I’ll send you to my Barber”.

The girl went to a beauty salon in a limousine. The master made the Julianna haircut, like Alla. The delight of the young singer knew no bounds, and she remembered for a long time about the gift Divas.

“The beauty salon was a luxury that I had never seen. Stylist cool I painted it and put it in the same way as hypnotherapy. Back at the house, I went and boasted: “I Have a styling like Alla” – shared the girl.

Help Pugacheva was not limited to style advice. A celebrity is often recommended to young performers how to properly apply yourself. Thus, during the recording of a duet with Murat Nasyrov the Julianna vocal coach Marina Leonova offered her to try different singing style. Pugacheva suddenly intervened.

“She went down in the Studio with the words: “Julia, you have a voice, because of which you here and took. Yes, the Marina has offered trendy, cool option, but you should sing because you sing and feel! Don’t want to sing and want to shout – shout!”said Karaulov.

During the conversation with journalists Julianna also admitted that he believes Dolly parton strict but fair. According to the Service, she was never afraid of the Diva. Recently she decided to revisit the conversation with Pugacheva, who is on the Internet. The young singer has lamented the fact that not all the lessons from the famous singer you can find on all of YouTube, writes, “Telenedelya”.