Алла Пугачева оголила колени на модном показе The Russian pop diva praised new collection Igor Gulyaev. Alla Pugacheva went to a place of honor in the front row next to Philip Kirkorov. The famous singer presented the designer bouquet of flowers and photographed some of the images on the memory.
Алла Пугачева оголила колени на модном показе

On Wednesday in the framework of the fashion Week MBFW Russia hosted the show of autumn-winter collection Igor Gulyaev. Among the honored guests of the evening were Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Alla Dovlatov, Eugene papunaishvili and Katya LEL. Apparently, the stars were left in awe of the creations of the designer, once again presenting a unique vision of fashion trends.

The emergence of the prima Donna of the Russian stage as usual provoked a stir. Barely Alla appeared in CEH “Manege”, as it was surrounded by journalists. The celebrity smiled affably posing for photographers.

The singer did not change the beloved black color. For the release, the singer chose a short dress and a long plain cloak. Your way Pugacheva complements high boots on a small heel, gloves without sleeves and massive jewelry.

Alla also took sunglasses, are filmed during the show. Pugacheva studied with interest the new works of Igor Gulyaev and photographed fashion images for a smartphone. Not behind the artist and Philip, too, sitting in the honorable front row. The singer appeared in public wearing light blue jeans with embroidery pullover with a picture of birds and trendy coat with fur trim. Fans Kirkorov was delighted with its appearance. In their opinion, Philip Bedrosovich all again was struck by his sense of style.

In the new collection Igor Gulyaev remembered the grunge style in clothes and focus on accessories – a bright capes and belt bags, and hats decorated with feathers and ribbons. The designer offers to voluminous belted plaid coat thin straps and combine different colors and textures. Almost every thing was interesting detail. So, fashion designer dresses provided fur sleeves, the robe – pockets with embroidery, boots with fringe. Dominated by shades new creations Gulyaev – red, grey, light brown and Burgundy. The final show of the model swirled in a waltz under the applause of those present.

Upon returning home, Philip Kirkorov congratulated couturier wrote that admire his work. “A celebration of incredible fashion, which gave all of us our dear designer Igor Gulyaev at the close of MBFW Russia in the “Manege” on his couture show in the style of grunge, which in the auditorium was attended by almost all “secular Moscow” headed by Her Majesty, who looked gorgeous as ever, the Queen Alla. Bravo, Maestro!” – shared the singer.