Alla Pugacheva bared her legs in a bold dress

Алла Пугачева обнажила ноги в смелом наряде Diva chose a stylish way. Alla Pugacheva wore a bold outfit. Maxim Galkin was quick to share a photo of the couple and got a lot of compliments in her address.

Alla Pugacheva never ceases to amaze fans with daring outfits. Now she is resting with his family in Jurmala. Diva’s having a great time with spouse and children Lisa and Harry. The actress relaxed on vacation. Maxim Galkin happy to talk about what is happening in the lives of his loved ones. He regularly places in his photos and videos with the participation of the heirs and recently published a picture, which captured a wife and daughter. Alla Pugacheva was dressed in a black t-shirt, denim vest and shorts to mid-thigh, which highlighted her slim legs.

“My girls,” wrote humorist in the social network.

Fans were delighted from the appearance of Alla. Many noted that after the wedding with Maxim Galkin and the birth of a Diva much younger. Some even envy the famous showman and hastened to laud his wife.

“Do you want Maxim, honestly? Awesome! Alla Borisovna has blossomed with you and the children, and the children kayfno! She’s just a doll and subjected to movement! Peace to you!”, “Here is an example on photos how to love life. I admire you, Alla. Keep it up. A daughter an example to follow. What a great mother!” “It proves once again that life is in our hands. And Alla is confirmed. Keep it up,” “In Lesochke now mom and dad bring the exquisite taste. Yellow Flirty skirt and yellow bow. As will be sister Christina, the most stylish”, “Wow! Just awesome, such cool girls, Alia is a miracle, genius, keep it up”, “Mom and younger blooms!” – wrote followers.

Not so long ago, Galkin showed a photo of Alla in a swimsuit when they rested on one of the beaches of the Baltic sea. The comedian caught the moment when his wife was basking in the sun, and behind her took the picture which is posted in the social network. However, Pugachev found a photo and even jokingly scolded her husband. Apparently, she thought it must be only in your personal archive. However, fans inspired by legendary slim figure of the actress and rushed to the sport to achieve the perfect body. Alla Pugacheva in a daring mini conquered the audience of Jurmala