Алла Пугачева не смогла появиться на фестивале Лаймы Вайкуле Yesterday in Jurmala completed a large-scale international festival, organized by a famous artist. The event was attended by many celebrities, including Maxim Galkin with his wife Alla Pugacheva, Boris Moiseev, Alexander Buinov, Lolita, Edita, Verka Serduchka and many others. Unfortunately for many, the Diva was not present at the event.

      Алла Пугачева не смогла появиться на фестивале Лаймы Вайкуле

      On Friday in Jurmala have come to the end of a major international music festival of Lima Vajkule “Rendezvous”. It lasted a few days — from 5 to 8 July. During this time, at the concert hall “Dzintari” were such stars as Boris Moiseev, Ilona Bronevitskaya, Eddie Butler, Larisa Dolina, Edita, the group “VIA Gra”, Sergey Mazaev, Potap and Nastya, Alexander Buinov, and many others.

      Earlier it was reported that the guest of honor Vaikule will Alla Pugacheva. But unfortunately all present on one of the most anticipated events of this summer, Russian pop Diva are unable to attend and go on stage. On the last day of a big event is a VIP space dedicated to Alla, took her friends is one of the closest friends of people’s artist business lady Alina Redel, and the wife of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova.

      On the final day of the event to see performances by many stars of show business — Verka Serduchka, Vladimir Vinokur, Soso Pavliashvili, Maria Naumova, Markus Riva, Lolita, Intars Busulis, Alexander Bujnov. On stage also came the organizer itself Laima Vaikule.

      Maxim Galkin, also arrived that day at the festival and collected after your room a huge amount of applause commented on the media why his wife did not attend the event their friend Laima Vaikule. According to Maxim, Alla decided to devote time to children and therefore decided to stay with Harry and Lisa on a luxury rented Villa.

      Children Pugacheva and Galkin will appear in his own show

      “Alla Borisovna with the kids! Small children to whom to leave?! — said Maxim Galkin.

      The speech of the humorist was the final in the festival program, reports Life.ru.

      Recall that Alla Pugacheva and their children moved to Jurmala in the beginning of June. A little later his wife joined Maxim Galkin celebrated in Latvia birthday. For his family, the singer had rented one of the most expensive homes located on the shore of the Gulf of Riga. The area of the Villa, which is like celebrity, is about 2500 square meters. The hotel has everything you may need star: a pool, a library, tennis courts, cinema room, sauna and even a bamboo grove. According to journalists, the safety of the prima Donna and her family constantly watched five security.

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