Alla Pugacheva almost gone with the wind

Аллу Пугачеву чуть не унесло ветром The main producer of music and entertainment programs of the First channel Yuri Aksyuta told reporters about how prepared live on new year’s night. The organizer summed up the celebration. Aksyuta told on what basis selected artists for performances.

The leadership of the First channel sums up new year’s eve. Recall, the producers of the programs before the party decided to open voting on the website “Odnoklassniki”. There netizens chose artists who would like to see in the new year’s eve broadcast.

Executive producer of music and entertainment programs of the channel Yuri Aksyuta told how he shot new year’s eve broadcast. He noted that the artists had to perform in extreme conditions, with strong wind and low temperature. “No chromakeying, of course, was not and could not be. It was all real. This, incidentally, was evident. This year the idea of Konstantin Ernst was to make almost all Christmas shooting outdoors. And we geproduceerd Alexander Five found and involved literally dozens of locations, the iconic Red square and Manezhnaya square, the Bolshoi theatre and TSUM Department store, exhibition center and Gorky Park, Zaryadye, the Museon, the Patriarchal bridge, and others. In fact, it was a fantastically difficult task to quite a limited time and added more weather conditions, because of snow in Moscow, except for one or two days was not at all,” said the producer.

According to Yuri, this year was invited to new year’s eve broadcast, the winners of the popular vote. Was also updated a number of performers and repertoire.

Aksyuta added that Alla Pugacheva was sick during the filming. Despite this, the Diva decided to sing on the roof.

“It was the roof of the hotel, there was particularly windy and cold, Alla had a cold, but bravely bore it all. And she participated in the construction and installation of almost every frame. For which I’m insanely grateful to her. I think she was very pleased with the result, it was really exclusive work with the song “I fly”, was actually a video clip” – shared Aksyuta.

We will remind, before New year the Diva made the announcement of the songs on the page in Instagram. The singer said he plans to appear on channel premiere with the song “I fly.” Exactly in the morning of January 1, the New 2018 millions of viewers heard the song performed by Alla Pugacheva. After the premiere, the Network broke the scandal. Well-known songwriter Alexander Vulykh reported in the media that the new song Diva – plagiarism. He said that the melody reminded him the composition of fifteen years ago from his co-author, “Invented love”. But soon the musician called herself Alla. She explained that it is not guilty and for the first time heard the song Saruhanov “Invented love”, so did not know that her new hit similar to the composition of Vulyha. Alla Pugacheva has apologized for the scandal with plagiarism

“We spoke with Alla Borisovna. We don’t want to inflate. Alla is not guilty. All the responsibility on the composer, well, partly musical editors, producing a song in the air,” – said Alexander Vulykh.

Despite this, fans of Alla enthusiastically welcomed the new from stars. Fans have left many positive comments on Instagram Pugacheva. “You are the best. Was, is and will be. Your eyes Shine happiness to you for years to come. Beautiful clip, beautiful song of life,” “Another masterpiece from Alla. Thank you!” “The best, unique, favorite singer,” said Diva fans.

Aksyuta, in turn, noticed that the Diva was brave, though, and professionally approached the process of filming. “Judging by the ratings and comments, pleased not only we, but also the audience. It was a fantastic experiment. This New year, we’ve never done before. I speak as someone who does this for many years,” said the producer in an interview with “MK”.

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