Alla Mikheeva told about the dream wedding

Алла Михеева поведала о свадьбе мечты
Popular TV presenter Alla Mikheeva, little tells about his personal life.

Алла Михеева поведала о свадьбе мечты

The star follows the rule “happiness loves silence”.

Journalists often credited to her Affairs with men, but none of the rumors the girl has not commented.

The other day in conversation with the correspondent Alla told about what should be the wedding of her dreams.

“At the moment I don’t want a wedding… I got to come at it as another job to portray joy and happiness, smile, when it begins to sprinkle with rose petals. I’m ready to have a crazy bachelorette party in Las Vegas, and my husband will have a spectacular bachelor party in Kislovodsk. And then we’ll meet him together and calmly note our holiday somewhere in the ocean,” — said the star.

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