Alla Mikheeva started talking about a wedding

Алла Михеева заговорила о свадьбе The girl told about what should be the wedding ceremony of her dreams. Alla Mikheeva would not want to attract undue attention to his triumph. So instead of a big party leading would prefer to retire with a lover on a remote island.

      TV presenter and actress Alla Mikheeva, which everyone knows thanks to the column “Acute report” in the show “Evening Urgant”, prefers not to share details of his personal life, believing that happiness loves silence. The TV star regularly credited with new novels, but she prefers not to comment on the speculation of the public. Recently, Alla gave a Frank interview, in which he shared his attitude to the pompous wedding ceremonies. According to Mikheeva, she would prefer a quiet celebration alone with your beloved.

      “At the moment I don’t want a wedding… I got to come at it as another job to portray joy and happiness, smile, when it begins to sprinkle with rose petals. I’m ready to have a crazy bachelorette party in Las Vegas, and my husband will have a spectacular bachelor party in Kislovodsk. And then we’ll meet him together and calmly note our holiday somewhere in the ocean”, — shared the leading.

      Alla also told about how she sees her beloved. According to girls age difference should be negligible. “The main thing for me — that the man had higher education, were interesting. And it is quite on the shoulder, relatively speaking, and my odnogodka” — says a leading.

      However, Mikheeva is not committed to her boyfriend worked in the field of show business. For girls very important support from the second half, but Dating a coworker she wouldn’t. As well as talking about his passion publicly “For me, relationship is a closed area. It is enough just to be together and not to hide your feelings” — said the TV star.

      We also add that in January of this year, Alla micheev suspected affair with businessman Timothy Mayorov, who once met with Olga Buzova. Then presenter of the First channel shared a joint with the entrepreneur. In the photograph, which appeared in social networks, Alla looked very happy in the company of men, then the followers bombarded her with numerous questions. “What a nice guy! We have to take”, “the Groom?” — discussed the fans Mikheeva.

      Ex-lover Olga Buzova suspected affair with Alla Mikheeva

      During a recent conversation with the correspondent Alla also told of their ambitions. According to the girl, she would like to try yourself as a producer. Mikheev believes that Los Angeles is the perfect place to implement such plans. She told about it in interview to TopBeauty.