Alla Larionov and Nikolai Rybnikov: love on the brink of madness

Алла Ларионова и Николай Рыбников: любовь на грани безумия Kinolive would have turned 87 years old. Great actress pleasing to the eye of the audience like in the theater and in the movies. Many of us remember Alla Dmitrievna on enchanting play in the film “Sadko”, “twelfth night,” “Anna on the neck” and “Ko mne, Mukhtar!”.
Алла Ларионова и Николай Рыбников: любовь на грани безумия

Alla Larionova was born in Moscow, her parents met during the Civil war and passed the Great Patriotic war, but with the Alia. She was 9 when their mother and evacuated to Tatarstan. There’s a girl gave her first speech – reading poetry to the wounded in the hospital. It was then that she began her rise to fame.

But my mother Alla was against the prospects of a stellar future for his daughter. Several times she refused to assistants of the Directors, who saw in the little girl the star of the television. But when alia was 16, she no longer had the blessing of parents. So, the girl got into the crowd of “Mosfilm”. For Alla, the shooting became the meaning of life, she stopped school. Something like graduating from school – the “Troika” – the future celebrity has filed documents to several “creative” universities. GITIS alle fortune did not smile: she just forgot the lyrics. Cinematography also did not accept the girl with open arms, she outwardly didn’t like Sergei Gerasimov. However, the wife of the master, actress Tamara Makarova, were able to persuade her husband. She noticed that the entrant “something”… the Highlight, as they say.

The student of Alla began more actively to act in films, and on one of the filming sites, she met with Ivan Pereverzev, an artist, who at that time was at the peak of popularity. They have started a novel, which, alas, never escalated into a full-fledged family life. Despite the fact that the actress was carrying his child, Pereverzev expressed the desire to marry her, and even secretly signed with the other.

Dazzling beauty Alla did not leave anyone indifferent. It seemed, all men of the world fell at her feet, for it went to the crowd. However, in her life there was only one man, the novel and life together which made happy Alla, – Nikolay Rybnikov. In his student years young people studied together, but while Alla felt for him the most tender feelings, Nicholas was keen on another girl.

“I cried many nights into my pillow, and with his hand was not even a hint. Then I calmed down, and nick, on the contrary, lit up,” recalled his student years Alla Dmitrievna.
Алла Ларионова и Николай Рыбников: любовь на грани безумия

Soon, realizing his mistake, fishers began to look for an opportunity to win the heart of Alla back. Several times he was even involved in a fight defending her honor. Then, in desperation, tried to hang himself, but was saved in time. Due to this incident he had heard “Goodies” by Sergey Gerasimov, in the end, the coach gave him good advice: to win the girl at any cost.

Nikolai Rybnikov began to literally pursue Alla. Called, sent telegrams declarations of love. And one day, while filming in Moscow, he was told: it’s time! At this point in Minsk very pregnant Alla found a passport Pereverzeva, which sported a fresh stamp on marriage. Between them it was all over. But for Nicholas it was just beginning. The actor immediately flew to Minsk to propose to his sweetheart. On the calendar – January 2, 1957, public holidays. However, this did not prevent the couple to sign: Rybnikov found the registry office, which has agreed to marry actors. So began their happy family life the most beautiful couples of the time.

At first Alena was born in a pair, which Nicholas adopted as his own daughter. Even after learning the truth about his birth, she did not the less love of her adored father, who raised her… Then the second daughter was born – Arish.

Husband of Alla Dmitrievna was extremely introverted. Public places – because of his fame – didn’t love, didn’t want him constantly staring. Even on vacation with friends Rybnikov always kept in side, on the birthdays of my friends also rarely frequented. And if there is, then, no one was allowed to see his wife was very jealous…

Once Larionova offered to play a cameo role somewhere near Tver. A few days Rybnikov really miss the wife that the next day after her departure I decided to go to her car. And then disaster struck: Nikolai turned, hurrying to his beloved.

Алла Ларионова и Николай Рыбников: любовь на грани безумия“We didn’t know sitting with Alla, drinking tea.. Stuck in the door, the threshold of the police: “Nicholas has been in an accident”. Brought nick with a broken rib, is lying, breathing with difficulty, but the hospital refuses to go. Alla to tears. I said, “nick, if you love her so much that Moscow could not wait, why to make suffer? Look how she is”. It is here that he agreed to the hospital,” recalled a friend of the star couple, producer Svetlana Pavlova.

Alla Larionov and Nikolai Rybnikov lived together for 33 years. In 1990, Nicholas did not, the actress was very upset by the loss of her husband. Became more closed, he was restless: it was unusual to live alone. Was only saved by friends, family and work in the theater. Alla Larionova lived without her beloved husband another 10 years.

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