Alla Dukhova said, why not engaged

Алла Духова рассказала, почему не занимается собой Successful choreographer explained why not change his image over the years. According to Alla Duhova, it almost does not visit beauty salons and is satisfied with the services of a familiar hairstylist. He thoroughly studied the addiction of the star.

      One of the most famous choreographers in the country of Alla Dukhova devotes a lot of time to the job. The woman opened more than a hundred dance schools throughout Russia, as well as its own theatre, which is popular among guests and residents of the capital. When Alla asked what is the secret of her success, she always says that love their job. Spirit says that she genuinely likes going to the job.

      Not everyone can withstand such a rhythm, accustomed to celebrity. The woman admits that she was forced to make sacrifices for the sake of career. From Alla Duhova no time even to go to the beauty salon. So the choreographer is not going to experiment with appearance for a long period of time. By the way, many fans believe Alla Kare with elongated bangs, which she remained true over the years, the hallmark of a star.

      “I’m afraid to change anything because constantly shooting something else. Think: “my God, what if I do something wrong?” On the other hand, this has its advantages. When I meet people that haven’t seen ten or fifteen years, they usually say, “Luxia, you’re like preserved! How do you do it?” I have the time no, I swear. I’m at the salon was not… I don’t know… nine years!” – says the woman.

      Only in January of this year, the girlfriend of the stars managed to persuade her to undergo a cosmetic procedure. Alle Brass-made mask and massage in one of the shops of Riga. The choreographer got a lot of unforgettable emotions. However, to engage a celebrity in no hurry. Alla says that she has a hair stylist, who regularly does her hair. According to Brass, it’s the only thing it allows itself.

      Note also that with such a busy schedule choreographer is not always time for the loved ones. So Alla parted with several men. However, the woman continues to maintain friendly relations with them. At the moment the heart of Wind free. She has repeatedly admitted that the current state of things it was completely satisfied. Alle even scary to think about the novel that we will have to spend additional energy. “They say never say never, but in my inner feeling… Not going strictly”, – quotes Duchowo magazine “OK!”.