Alla Dovlatova’s meltdown on the set of the TV show

У Аллы Довлатовой случился срыв на съемках телешоу
Radio host apologized for inappropriate behavior.

Alla Dovlatov

Photo: @Instagram alla_dovlatova Alla Dovlatova

Alla Dovlatov has justified before fans for what happened on the days of disruption during the filming of a talk show. Radio host visited the site of the new programme of NTV, where she became hysterical. Alla came to the annoyance of other invited expert, and not dealing with emotions, almost disrupted the shooting of the show.

Alla in advance, even before the airing of issue of the new talk shows with her participation, offered a public apology for his behavior. Dovlatov repented for the outburst, citing his emotional side. After filming Alla regretted that they were unable to pacify his anger, but promised that he will continue to try to be more restrained.

“Were on the set of a new talk show on NTV Vadim Takmenev. About the topic, the editors were not warned. Before the shoot, everyone was in such a good mood. On shooting all quarreled. I regret your incontinence ! Man I’m emotional and human insolence and impudence upsets me! — I met Alla. — As a result, instead of having to mess with the mother-killer (zombies), I bumped into the Deputy and public figure who reveled in their beauty and grandeur. And why can’t I keep my emotions under control? After all, anyone can not be undone! But a lie and a show I am always freaking out! Forgive me a conspicuous and liars for my lack of restraint! I will learn to tame your anger! I promise!”

By the way, a few days ago, the Network spread information about the earnings of stars due to the visits of such programs. As sources claim, the fees of the representatives of show business, from participation in the talk show ranges from a few tens of thousands of rubles to half a million. However, there are stars who attend the talk show for free — exclusively in order to “stay on top”.