Alla Dovlatov with the baby went home

Алла Довлатова с малышкой отправились домой
April 13, in the family of a popular radio host Alla Dovlatova happy event happened.

Алла Довлатова с малышкой отправились домой

Alla became a mother for the fourth time.

Алла Довлатова с малышкой отправились домой

Baby born with ideal parameters, weighing 3200 grams and growth of 50 centimeters.

On the eve of the star the girl was discharged from the hospital.

“From the hospital I was met by my parents – they came from St. Petersburg and the previous days lived in my house, looking after older children, he told himself. – As us with a baby godparents met Sasha and the team of “Russian radio” – it was very nice. And, of course, with me all the time had a husband. He lived with us in the house – it’s a great option perinatal hospital “Lapino”, “Mother and child”, which gave us mark A. Kurtser. Every evening after work, Alex came to us with her daughter, fed her from a bottle – of milk I never had. She waited for dad and enjoyed his visits”.

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