Alla Dovlatov touched by a picture of a newborn daughter

Алла Довлатова умилила снимком новорожденной дочери The radio host revealed details of the baby born. Alla Dovlatov admitted that the doctors had to do a C-section. A young mother and her baby only the day before was transferred to a regular ward.

      Well-known radio personality and actress Alla Dovlatov, last Thursday, became a mother for the fourth time, I decided to please fans of the first picture of your newborn daughter.

      42-year-old woman, for which these April days has become one of the most happy and joyful in life, published a joint photo with baby, made in the ward of the hospital where the girl was born.

      In the picture is well seen pretty rosy little face of a tiny girl and her pen. Alla Dovlatov thanked everyone who congratulated her on the birth of his daughter, and confessed that the baby was born by caesarean section.

      “We gave birth to a girl! I say we because I was supported by my husband, and mommy, who came from St. Petersburg (with dad), and my children too were worried about me, and mark A. Kurtser, who conducted the operation, has again outdone himself! Today we are in an ordinary ward. Get a sneak congratulations and very happy! Thank you very much for your kind and sincere wishes! I also wish you all a hundredfold! What is the perfect mental state – to be a mom! The whole world becomes so wonderful and loved,” wrote Anna Dovlatova microblog.

      Incredibly touching photo in which a young mother tenderly looks at his newborn daughter, touched by subscribers of Alla Dovlatova. “I read, and tears of joy welled. Alia, I’m so happy for all of you”, “Congratulations my daughter! Let grows healthy and happy!”, “How lovely! Congratulations,” “Alia, congratulations on the birth of daughter! What you do good!”, “Health to you and baby! I also have three and want a fourth, I thought 39-40 it’s late, but you my “beacon” and guidelines,” sincerely and kindly responded to the post mothers of large families her fans.

      Let’s remind, that Alla Dovlatov in the fourth time became a mother, of the public reported the press service of “Russian radio”, where the star. Daughter Dovlatova was born growth of 50 centimeters and a weight of 3.2 kg. Alla Dovlatov gave birth to a daughter

      The girl was the fourth child in the family Dovlatova and her husband Alexei. The couple already raising a daughter Daria, and two sons, Alexander and Paul.