Алла Довлатова рассказала, как не объесться на новогодних праздниках
The presenter shared his expert advice.

Photo: Instagram.com

Alla Dovlatov is trying to keep in shape: first,
to be toned is beautiful, and secondly, health should be protected in any
age. TV presenter eats right, goes in for sports and share with all the tips to look good. And
in anticipation of the New year TV presenter doubly attended her figure:
meal and a sedentary lifestyle these days may affect the figure.

Dovlatov consulted with my nutritionist and decided to share the recipes harmony
and with your subscribers. “First, all day — December 31 – to eat (four times and drink water in
breaks! Not be hungry!); second, do not eat at the table and salty sausage
fish with caviar. Lower calorie salads.
For example, “Olivier” to do without pickles, using fresh,
sausage substitute chicken, or tongue, peas not canned, and
fresh frozen! And mayonnaise can make itself, says Dovlatov. And we need to move more! To play with my kids
to dance, to walk. Because the New Year is a celebration, cheerful, and joyful, and not
collective watching TV!”