Alla Dovlatov showed newborn daughter

Алла Довлатова показала новорожденную дочку
Last Thursday, radio presenter Alla Dovlatov became the proud mother for the fourth time.

Алла Довлатова показала новорожденную дочку

The star decided to share their happiness with fans and posted a photo of the newborn daughter.

Алла Довлатова показала новорожденную дочку

Alla said that the baby was born by caesarean section.

The photo clearly shows the girls face and little hands.

“We gave birth to a girl! I say we because I was supported by my husband, and mommy, who came from St. Petersburg (with dad), and my children too were worried about me, and mark A. Kurtser, who conducted the operation, has again outdone himself! Today we are in an ordinary ward. Get a sneak congratulations and very happy! Thank you very much for your kind and sincere wishes! I also wish you all a hundredfold! What is the perfect mental state – to be a mom! The whole world becomes so wonderful and loved,” shared Dovlatov.

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