Alla Dovlatov observes the lunar calendar

Алла Довлатова соблюдает лунный календарь
The presenter told us about the impact on your body.

Alla Dovlatov

Photo: Instagram

It Turns Out, Alla Dovlatov,
going to a stylist, always guided not only by the status of their
hair and the lunar calendar. About the presenter told herself.

“Choose the time for
staining of roots. Now the waning moon, but there are good days for haircuts
and for coloring — smiles Dovlatov. For example, this week is very
good days for haircut today and tomorrow! Today is the 20th lunar
day, a haircut that will add strength and health to hair. After her hair less
whipped, thicker and stronger hair loss is significantly reduced. Staining and toning goes well, especially gray coverage,
even go to experiment with color. A good period for permed, she
will not cause much harm to the hair. Anyway, I hope this information was
useful for those who listens to the lunar calendar!”

By the way, Alla is not the only
the star, who adhere to the lunar calendar. It is no secret that many stars
use it to lose weight. For example, Hollywood is already very popular for a long time
diet, a feature of which is that it is directly connected with the phases of the moon.

It is based on the following idea:
The moon not only affects tides in the ocean, but the water in the body.
This same power, according to the developers of the diet can help to lose weight. There are many options
diet, but its basis in the fact that some days during certain lunar
phases one must go without food and drink more water and juices. Considered
during the full moon and the new moon energy of the moon is strongest.
It is during these periods you need to go to the water so it probably washed out all the toxins
and fats from the body. Some argue that the day of this diet allows
to lose about three pounds.