Alla Dovlatov made a splash with the bikini after giving birth

Алла Довлатова произвела фурор снимком в бикини после родов The TV presenter, who gave birth to their fourth child on April 13, posted the candid photo in bikini. Chiseled figure of the 42-year-old mothers are the envy of many young mothers.

Alla Dovlatov, recently became a mom for the fourth time in his microblog shared with fans the secrets of beauty and harmony. Recently, well-known TV presenter posted a photo in a swimsuit, thus demonstrating that he is in great shape even after the birth of their fourth baby. The figure of the actress has caused excitement among subscribers.

Radio host for a long time watching their health and prefer sports. She continued to practice yoga for pregnant women until the birth, amazing fans, amazing poses. Perhaps this rewarding hobby has contributed greatly to the rapid recovery of the actress after the birth of their fourth child.

“After giving birth I still can not access to the pool, and I suffer from it! I love the water! And then the pool! Shower! Charcot! Buzz!” – signed photo of the new mother.

The photo sparked a heated discussion on the part of the followers:Alia, what’s your perfect figure, keep it up!”, “What You done and beautiful! All example!”, “Figure class”, “Alia, You do not need to lose weight! You look so beautiful!”, “Swimsuit cool! And the figure is super!”, “Alla you are just fine! So many interesting find! During pregnancy yoga and work, and debates and presentations! After birth, the work presentation and now power shower, you amazing woman!” – expressed his admiration for the fans of the radio host.

TV presenter admitted that almost became a mother, she began to take control of your diet to get rid of extra pounds. The actress carefully watching diet and trying to return to its former shape.

“I decided to try a new program for weight loss. Within the programme a course of corrective massage, power shower, Hammam, infrared sauna and lipolytic cocktails that break down fat cells” – listed Alla.

We will remind that in April of this year, Alla gave birth to a daughter. The girl was the fourth child in the family Dovlatova and her husband Alexei. The couple already has a son Paul and two daughters, Daria and Alexander.