Alla Dovlatov losing weight with latest technology

Алла Довлатова худеет при помощи новейших технологий
A famous radio presenter has shared a new beauty secrets.

Photo: Instagram

43-year-old Alla Dovlatov continues vigorously to regain their youth. Radio looks fine, but keep the perfect figure and wrinkle-free face after four births is incredible. So Alla decided to call for the assistance of the best professionals and the latest technology.

In particular, Dovlatov turned to his longtime friend and the owner of a private clinic (and concurrently also star dietitian) Margaret Queen. She has developed specifically for the stars of “Russian radio” individual nutrition program and, of course, procedures. Shots and new developments Alla is not afraid.

“I Margarita V. recommended to undergo needle procedures electrolipolysis, which is an alternative to surgical liposuction — shared Dovlatov fans. — Pair of thin silver electrodes (they are introduced in the subcutaneous fat) is a variable pulse, which starts the process of burning. After each treatment the reduction in body size is still 10 weeks. The results of the procedures (and I have to make about five) are summarized. The effect of needle electrolipolysis gorgeous! Using this procedure to remove fat and tighten the skin on thighs, abdomen, waist, buttocks, arms, back and even on the chin. In the end, the piece is turned. Life hack: to accelerate the result additionally, I do procedures such as lymphatic drainage and author of modeling massage. They all help to shape the beauty and excrete the breakdown products of fat from the body. Now the electrolipolysis is my “must-have”! But it is important that in doing these procedures, you begin to eat right! Disciplinaries involuntarily. After all, spending energy, time and money, you want to get the maximum result!”

Recently Dovlatov also admitted that injections of Botox and spoke in detail about facial care.

“Botox has made a month and a half ago on the forehead and under the eyes. Happy with the result — in brief beginning list Dovlatov. — Eighteen months ago, did anti-aging procedure on the device Ulthera. This ultrasonic lifting at the level of the SMAS (work at the deepest level of the muscles and ligaments. the result is beautiful), twice made the Regen lab that differs from other methods plazmaticakih special Swiss tubes (very happy)! Periodically a couple times a week doing the feistiness and cupping therapy plus once a week doing microcurrents (very much)!”