Alla Dovlatov knows how to look younger for five years

Алла Довлатова знает, как помолодеть на пять лет
Radio presenter shared the recipe for longevity.

Алла Довлатова знает, как помолодеть на пять лет


Alla Dovlatov is trying to keep in shape: first,
to be toned is beautiful, and secondly, health should be protected at any age. This time Dovlatov
I became fond of yoga. According to her, after an intense workout, she looks younger on
five years.

“I want to offer exercise for the back. Therapeutic option
twisting, easy to perform and can be performed without getting out of bed in the morning.
Lie on your back, arms to the sides at level of shoulders, bend your knees 90 degrees, the heel of one foot rest in
the knee of the other leg, exhale, slowly and smoothly of the legs and pelvis twist to the side,
and the head rotate simultaneously in the opposite direction, with an inhalation, return
knees and look up, the next exhalation, rotate your knees and pelvis to the other
the side and head in the opposite direction. The exercise should be in a quiet pace,
without jerks, keeping the shoulders and shoulder blades firmly pressed to the floor. Make 8-10 times
then make the switch, says Dovlatov. — Benefit: improving
the blood supply to the muscles along the spine are strengthened and at the same time
stretch deep muscles of the spine, decrease pain and back.”