Alla Dovlatov has flown with a baby on vacation

Алла Довлатова улетела с грудным ребенком в отпуск
The star of the popular radio station celebrated an important event.

Алла Довлатова улетела с грудным ребенком в отпуск

Alla Dovlatov with her older daughter

Photo: Instagram alla_dovlatova Alla Dovlatova

Photo: @Instagram alla_dovlatova Alla Dovlatova

Alla Dovlatov noted on the eve in the Metropolitan restaurant a great event. Radio host dubbed his youngest daughter Mary. The details of the ordinances she did not share. But in social networks Alla posted a photo from the celebration. It is possible to consider the original cake with bow ordered for a party on the occasion of the christening.

On the same day in the evening Dovlatov with her children and husband went… to the airport! It turned out that Alla had planned a family trip to the South. Little Masha she apparently took with her. Incidentally, in the airport they got a nasty surprise. It turned out that the radio host could not check in online in a hurry. Because of this, she hardly had time for my flight.

“Hurrah! We began a vacation! However, it began with an adventure. The tickets I bought online, but to register on-line yesterday, we, for some reason, couldn’t. Today was late for registration and it turned out that all the passport data system did not record! That’s why to register have failed…. Oh the horror! I thought no fun at all!” he told Alla.

However, this story has a happy ending. “Knowing that we are with children and with a baby, has opened registration, we were checked in and seated for the flight! Low bow and gratitude…” he told himself.