Алла Довлатова опровергла утверждение Елены Малышевой
The radio host urged people not to believe everything they hear on TV.

Alla Dovlatov

Photo: Instagram

Alla Dovlatov has questioned medical
qualifications a well-known TV doctor, host of the program “First
channel” “Live healthy” Elena malyshevoy. For this radio host held a scientific
experiment. It happened on holiday in Spain, where the star is resting with family.

“Here on the beach we are treated to delicious oxygen
cocktails, — said Alla. — One of my fans told me that she had seen
the program Elena Malysheva, which supposedly oxygen cocktails are useless. They say,
oxygen through the stomach is not digested. I asked our medical staff, and they
proposed to conduct an experiment. A special device measured my pulse and the number
of oxygen in the body to use oxygen cocktail and after. Device
showed that after drinking the oxygen in my body increased by
four units. I think you should not believe everything you are told on TV. I
television eighteen years and I can tell You that it is so! After
the results of the study decided to drink smoothies twice a day, and not one, as

By the way, oxygen cocktails, which Dovlatov
uses in the rest part of the so-called system of detox, allowing
the star quickly come in shape after childbirth.

“Now, while on vacation, walk in clinic
program detox — shared Alla. Is and nutrition, and treatments.
The only thing that neither exercise nor massage can influence
while it’s impossible stomach! But the doctor came up to do a local wrap
only on the stomach, the skin quickly snaps into place. Made until the two
procedures, and the effect I see! This peel-off mask gives a very good
result! However 10 sessions, as it should be, I do not have time, but after a couple
weeks it will be possible physical exercise to pump up a press”.