Alla Dovlatov has decided to publish a personal photo

Алла Довлатова решилась обнародовать личное фото
Radio host can not find a name for her newborn daughter.

Alla Dovlatov with her daughter Alexandra and her younger sister

Photo: @Instagram alla_dovlatova Alla Dovlatova

Alla Dovlatov began to build around his fourth delivery of the intrigue. Radio personality shares honestly and directly with the fans all the necessary information about the birth of a daughter. In the microblog Alla can be found the revelation about the consequences of caesarean section, and recognition of the fact that she shamelessly violated the regime elite clinic… And today in the night Dovlatov shared a touching family moment — the discharge from hospital.

Alla has published Intragame pictures taken during the farewell with the walls of the center, where was born her third daughter. Incidentally, she and her husband still can not decide on a baby name. “Tomorrow we have to register our Baby and our family while going battle over her name! Dasha wants to call her Marianne Pasha like the name Elena, Sasha is like the name Kate, and my husband and I want to call her Mamie. Rather I want to be called Mamie, husband just agreed with me…” — said Alla.

Extract, according to Dovlatova, was rather modest. The husband and children met a young mother with balloons and a bouquet of luxurious red roses. The elder daughter of radio host are unable to meet the younger sister from the hospital. All because of preparing for the exam and a large number of additional classes with Tutors. Recall that in addition to the three girls in the family growing up Dovlatova and representative of a strong half of mankind — the son from his first marriage — Paul.