Alla Dovlatov gave the newborn the first journey

Алла Довлатова устроила новорожденному первое путешествие Radio host decided to take the whole family to the Crimea. Alla Dovlatov in mid-April became a mother for the fourth time. The celebrity admitted that she had a week to spend in the hospital for recovery. However, this did not prevent her to make the first voyage with the baby.

Popular radio host Alla Dovlatova April 13, became a mother for the fourth time. She gave his wife a charming daughter. The woman admitted that she had a difficult birth, but because she needed a little more time to recover before you leave the clinic.

However, on may holidays Alla Dovlatova went on a trip with the whole family in the Crimea. Radio host shared with fans impressions of the holiday.

“Good day, friends! If you have come from their winter at the resort for five days, every Sunny day is automatically good! All who rest, good work! All who work and wish a good mood and improved performance!” – wrote a celebrity microblogging.

Fans are happy that Allais managed to find time to relax. They enjoy its colorful pictures. “How great is this? You rock! Most importantly, children behave obediently”, “you’re good! The sea is so beautiful! I would have sampled. A great holiday to you too!” “While only dreaming of the sea, working weekdays. Well you get some rest,” wrote a follower.

Apparently, the family is very interested in having a great time. Older children also found myself a job. Alla Dovlatov fears for older children

“Son of a Pasha, for example, every day, several times playing paintball laser in virtual reality, yet they are with Sasha playing quests, ping-pong, billiard. In this club there are two rooms with video games, soccer field, tennis court. The same club there for preschool children,” – said Dovlatov.

Radio host told me that after childbirth the doctors forbade her to swim in the pool. She admitted that really suffered from this, but managed to find a worthy replacement – power shower. Dovlatov did not hesitate to show myself in a swimsuit, and fans noted that her figure has not changed much after giving birth, and therefore she quickly come into Dobermann form.