Alla Dovlatov eliminates the effects of caesarean section

Алла Довлатова устраняет последствия кесарева сечения A few days ago, leading again became a mother. Alla Dovlatov gave birth to a charming girl, whose name is not reported. At the moment a woman is recovering after medical intervention. Recently Alla has told about how her rehabilitation.

      Last week, the star of “Russian radio” Alla Dovlatov became a mother for the fourth time. The woman gave her husband a charming girl. Celebrity births took place in Lapine under the direction of renowned obstetrician Mark Kurtser.

      At the moment Alla is recovering after the birth and preparing for discharge, which should happen in the near future. A woman enjoys the last days in one of the best hospitals of the capital. Recently, the star shared with followers the details of his rehabilitation period. As it turned out, the celebrity did not give birth herself – she had a caesarean section. In connection with this Alla had to endure a number of restorative procedures.

      “I worked out today for twenty minutes examinee exercises for new moms, plus I still for quick recovery did physiotherapy (laser for three minutes on each seam) and anesthetized. What to do? A cesarean! But what is more important! I have to walk.” – told the presenter in his microblog.

      Alla also thanked his doctor and found that to walk around the hospital grounds – a pleasure. “Well Done, Mark Abramovich! Everything he does – makes the best! Even the location chosen such that to leave here and not want to.” – said the woman.

      Besides that she told fans about how her morning in the hospital. According to Alla, bring her Breakfast in bed. “What a thrill!.. Very tasty cooked and with great love. Just such a useful and healthy food to moms correctly and with pleasure fed, and the milk they added! And very hard to hold back from such delicious to those who decided to lose weight! It is impossible,” wrote the star.

      By the way, Alla Dovlatova no plans to stay long on maternity leave. A week later after birth, leading plans to return to the air of “Russian radio”. Fans of the charismatic blonde’s again, hear her voice on the 20th of April.

      Recall also that the long-awaited event in life leading took place on 13 April. About replenishment in the family of Alla Dovlatova said the press service of the popular radio stations. “Our beloved colleague gave birth to a charming girl with a growth of 50 centimeters and a weight of 3.2 kg. We gladly inform you: mother and daughter feel good!” said in a report that appeared in the Network.