Alla Dovlatov baptized the little daughter

Алла Довлатова крестила маленькую дочь Radio host along with a two-week baby went to the Crimea. In mid-April, Alla Dovlatov in the fourth time became a mother. Apparently, the star quickly recovered after the caesarean section, and these days have a rest on the Black sea.

In the family of a famous radio host, 42-year-old Alla Dovlatova, an important event took place. Star baptized his youngest daughter Mary who gave birth to April 13. The details of the ordinances with the fans Alla Dovlatov has chosen not to share. A young mother decided not to publish photos from the baptism, and not called the temple, where her baby was dedicated in the Orthodox faith.

Radio was limited to only a message in the microblog that he has arrived, and told how they are family and friends celebrated the baptism of little Marousi. “Yesterday baptized our feel of love is running. Wonderful still holiday – Christenings! Celebrated it as a family restaurant. Very well organised everything! Children (of different ages) were delighted,” wrote Alla Dovlatov in the microblog.

Immediately after the wedding, the family of Alla Dovlatova went on vacation to the Crimea. For a two-week Marousi this trip was the first in my life. Airport friendly company got a nasty surprise. Consequences managed to be avoided thanks to the youngest member of the family of Alla Dovlatova.

“The tickets I bought online, but to register on-line yesterday for some reason we are unable. Today was late for check-in, and it turned out that all the passport data system did not record! That’s why to register have failed. Oh the horror! I thought I was not going anywhere. Knowing that we are with children and with a baby, the airline opened the check, we were checked in and seated for the flight. Low bow and gratitude!” – said Alla Dovlatov about the adventure.

Apparently, the radio host recovered really quickly after the birth, because they were not very simple. A daughter Mary were born via cesarean section. Probably come in the form of Alla Dovlatova helped yoga. To do the woman did not stop and during pregnancy. Alla tried to lead an active life, which was a place of moderate exercise and swimming. In the end, a few days after birth, the star showed followers her figure in a bikini. Alla Dovlatov made a splash with the bikini after giving birth

Recall that the baby Mary was the fourth child in the family Dovlatova and her husband Alexei. The couple already has a son Paul and two daughters, Daria and Alexander.