Алла Довлатова призналась, что делает омолаживающие процедуры
43-year-old radio host openly said, as caring for themselves.

Photo: Instagram

After the birth of their fourth child Alla Dovlatov has started to actively feel active in sports, eats right through regular visits to the beautician. In General, doing everything to preserve youth and beauty.

Recently, radio host suspected of abuse of cosmetic procedures. Alla Dovlatov has decided to stop the speculation of the public, openly said that it does with your face and also showed how it looks without makeup and all kinds of filters in Instagram.

“Botox has made a month and a half ago on the forehead and under the eyes. Happy with the result — in brief beginning list Dovlatov. — Eighteen months ago, did anti-aging procedure on the device Ulthera. This ultrasonic lifting at the level of the SMAS (work at the deepest level of the muscles and ligaments. the result is beautiful), twice made the Regen lab that differs from other methods plazmaticakih special Swiss tubes (very happy)! Periodically a couple times a week doing the feistiness and cupping therapy plus once a week doing microcurrents (very like)! Of course, it is important what cosmetics I use. This is a very good Swiss cosmetics! Now about the lashes. Doing eyelashes, but didn’t write about it because I wanted to test their stability and comfort. I did not like. Removed. The correction did not do. Maybe I was unlucky, but my eyelashes, after increasing noticeably deteriorated. But the lashes — not your teeth — grow back (besides, they can always be put). And now the main thing about beauty! I want to quote Coco Chanel: “Your face in twenty years given to you by nature, what it will be in fifty, depends on you.”