All we know about “Cars 3”

Всё, что мы знаем о «Тачки 3″

The third part of the popular animated film “Cars 3” promises a lot. A ten-second teaser, released last year, caused a lot of controversy and complaints of parents. In the short video, it becomes known that the main character Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) crashes during the race. The flying parts of the car, smoke and fire say that Lightning injuries are serious.

“From this moment on everything will change” — said in the teaser.
Concerned mom started to fall asleep Disney letters with perturbation and questions whether this cartoon to show children and if he does not injure the child’s psyche.
According to Synesis, Lightning McQueen loses suddenly a new and more powerful cars and falls out of play, that loves. To return to the sport, he needs help from a young technician Cruz Ramirez and plan for victory. To help and inspire him to be the same old racer Doc Hudson (which, as we already know, dead). In the end, 95 room has a show on the competition of the Large Piston.
The main enemy of Lightning in this part of the cartoon will become a Jackson Storm, “born with a silver spoon in his mouth” — a young and a very lucky rider. As told the Director of “Cars 3” Brian Fee, “we have designed it in such a way that even when he’s standing next to McQueen, he looks old compared to him”.
“Fortunately, the Lightning have Ramirez and a team that believes in him” — is encouraging Brian.