All together: Ksenia Sobchak gave birth along with her mother and husband

Все вместе: Ксения Собчак рожала вместе с мамой и мужем

Happy grandmother Lyudmila Narusova has shared the first details about the grandson.

As I joked today in social networks, the joy of the birth of Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan was such, as if in the country some common holiday. In Instagram Ksenia tens of thousands of congratulations.

That her son, Ksenia Sobchak told on his page on not her usual soft manner: “18.11.16 now the happiest day. I am a mother of a fine boy.” However, it was not known, nor how the baby was born or how I was born. Native Susie all day do not answer the phone – and they can understand, at such moments I want to be alone, and not to answer the journalists ‘ questions. Happy grandmother, Ksenia’s mother Lyudmila Narusova, responded only in the late afternoon. And emotions she still rolls over!

“I have a grandson! Height and weight classic – 3 kg 550 grams, 52 cm. If it’s a boy or girl, I didn’t know until recently. Me Xenia with Maxim did not. How to name baby, not yet decided.

We arrived at the hospital on Thursday at 3 p.m., and the morning following She gave birth. At exactly 4:47 in the morning. I was next to her. Maxim, too, supported her, guided the process, have not allowed Xenia to relax. I’m still in shock. So worried for my daughter that seems to be the best she would be in her place. When the doctor said Ksenia: “push!”, tussled with it when he said, “Breathe deep!”, breathing with her, and when at the last moment She cried, I gave such a cry! Though she gave birth a second time. An indescribable, cosmic gamma sensations! I hope Ksenia will allow me to test it again!”

Bear family Sobchak – Vitorgan chose in the Moscow suburb of Lapino, which is not far from the family cottage. There are provided a VIP-house with several rooms, so were all actors in some moments to rest. The decor is not reminiscent of a hospital: comfortable bed, shower, special bath, TV and upholstered furniture for the convenience of the family. For the baby – a separate nursery with crib, changing table and everything needed.

Xenia gave birth without pain meds. Partly in order not to harm the child, partly to re-test resistance.

“Thinking about giving up during childbirth from anesthesia, said in an interview to the journalists of the magazine Tatler Ksenia. Suddenly this will not happen a second time, I want to feel that the strongest is such a pain that people still endure”.

Now for mother and child is under constant observation. Such conditions are not cheap – cost about 1.5 million rubles. (More here.)

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If baby and mommy will feel great, they will be discharged early next week. And though Ksenia and Maxim did excellent repair in a Moscow apartment, the first time they had decided to live outside the city – to where Mama was walking with a stroller.

In his sensational interview with Ksenia shared plans that take time out at least three months to head to dive into a new role. But Lyudmila Borisovna doubt that her daughter will stand a long time away from work.

— Ksenia current performance is quite clear to me. I also had a break from work for only two months. Went for two weeks before the birth, and on January 3 already took the first exam of the students. I was an assistant Professor in the Department of history (Leningrad state Institute of culture. N. To. Krupskaya, now St. Petersburg state Institute of culture. — Approx. “Antenna”).

Aware of the restlessness Sobchak and her friends. Experienced mother Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova said he wants Xenia is not to rush to work.

“I wish she felt the role of mother in full, and, most importantly, was able to find the time to see everything. When a child is born, we, mothers, always run to work. And my personal story was no exception, I’m just a few months back on the scene, so having a similar experience, I wish Ksenia, so she enjoyed this period and saw the first victory of the kid” – shared the singer with the correspondent of Woman’s Day.

How, in your opinion, Sobchak called his son?

  • Anton – because Maxim Vitorgan not actually joking
  • Anatoly – in honor of the father of Xenia
  • Emmanuel, in honor of his father Maxim
  • Maxim in honor of the father of the baby. Will Maksim Maksimych!
  • Fashion: Myron, mark or Matthew
  • On the advice of astrologers: Dmitry and Egor
  • For the money – Kingo!
  • Other (write in comments)