Все подробности тайной свадьбы Ирины Медведевой
The star of TV show “6 shots” has told a love story with a Parisian.

“Guillaume warned me that the town hall dressed very simply, but I said, “I’m Sorry, I’m Russian, I’ll always dress in style” Paris, 5 July

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Star stackola “6 Kadrov”, Irina Medvedeva, who last Friday was released
married to the temperamental Frenchman Guillaume, in an exclusive interview to magazine “7
Days,” revealed the secret of meeting with her future husband.

“I would not have believed this story if she hadn’t happened to me. All
started in December, a year and a half ago. Called me best friend, living in
Paris: “My friends are in Moscow. It would be great if you showed them
city.” Of course, I said Yes, even though he knew that from time to time
no. After 10 minutes there comes a message in English: “Hello!
I’m Guillaume”. I asked him what he would like to see, where to go. He wrote: “We
the club down.” I refused, I was not interested, but offered to
the next day to go with my friends to the Bolshoi theater. What Guillaume said, “And
got a better offer?” When this story I then told his mom and
dad, it was very embarrassing for her son. (Laughs.)

In General, we still couldn’t get to meet. And then Guillaume wrote
me that tomorrow they fly away. I’m not very good English, I do not understand
it is written: “after lunch, we have a plane”, translated as “after dinner we
plans.” And even a little offended. In the morning came SMS. Interestingly,
when I go to bed, always turn off the phone to me sleep. And here
forgotten, and at 9 am I woke up to the sound of SMS. Guillaume wrote: “We are going to walk on
Red square, you wanna come with?” I slightly shifted their plans, because
what was uncomfortable in front of the guys that we were four days can’t see.
Agreed to meet with Guillaume and his friend in a cafe. Talked for about an hour
and I ran my own business. It turned out, after this first meeting Guillaume from
recorded my contacts in the phone: “My future wife Irina Medvedeva,” and
showed friend.”

Got a sequel the story — read in the new
issue of the magazine “7 Days”. Now!