«Все подсчеты — чистый обман!» Дмитрий Певцов в пух и прах разнёс «Евровидение» после финала
The actor made the surprise announcement.

Netta Barzilai

Photo: @nettabarzi Instagram

On the eve of the Lisbon hosted the final of “Eurovision”. Of the 26 participants the winner was selected by the singer from Israel — Netta Barzilai with the song “Toy”. Her victory was not unexpected, because the bookmakers before the contest was expected to win exactly Barzilai. Yulia Samoylova, who represented Russia, made on 10 may and didn’t make the final, which caused a wave of discussion of “Eurovision” in the national press and social media.

Dmitry Pevtsov in the microblog has posted a scathing post about the Eurovision song contest. The actor insists that the competition has changed dramatically in recent years. We are talking about backroom games which don’t guess the audience. According to Pevtsov, the name of the finalist is known to the organizers before the start of Eurovision. A Grand concert is nothing more than a statement. Dmitry called music competition “rotten”.

“Eurovision has long been corrupt and false body product! Almost all of the songs (80% for all participants) writes the same Swedish team.All math is pure deception, no evidence! — says Dmitry. — The next winner is known by 98%, as it is 30-40 million dollars for the organization of the contest in the country, and need a “volunteer”.

As for the bias, the “normality” of the politicization of everything can be seen with the naked eye. And, of course, a big “thank you” to those who, relying on the European “tolerance” and submitted it to the contest Julia Samoylova. Forgot about European double standards? Ah-Ah, what a mistake! Rather, political and creative lack of foresight!”