All stand: the stars, who in life have erected monuments

Всем стоять: звезды, которым при жизни воздвигли памятники Fans of Cristiano Ronaldo ridiculed the sculpture, installed in his honor, and for Svetlana Khorkina posed for a sister. To the Day of the monument, April 18, “StarHit” collected stories of celebrities who dedicated the monument.

      Всем стоять: звезды, которым при жизни воздвигли памятники

      is it not similar?

      a statue of Cristiano Ronaldo is reminiscent of the drawing caricaturist

      A month ago, the visitors in the arrival hall of the airport for the Portuguese island of Madeira watched two Cristiano Ronaldo – the real one and the other of bronze. Football club “real Madrid” came home to thank the compatriots and local authorities, who decided in life to establish a monument to him.

      “Thank you so much, it is a great honor for me! – spoken 32-year-old athlete from the podium. – Everyone knows how proud I am to place where I was born…”

      However, there were also those for whom the monument was not pleasant. The Network is still discussing what the sculpture Ronaldo looks like a caricature of him. “When you look at it, I can’t stop laughing” – this is typical of statements made by users about the monument to the football star. This, incidentally, is the second monument erected in honor of Cristiano. First, a height of 2.4 meters, December 2014 is also emblazoned on the Madeira, near the Museum dedicated to the career of Ronaldo, in Funchal, where was born the future forward.

      do not carry rubbish!

      Alexander Rosenbaum does not believe in omens

      Всем стоять: звезды, которым при жизни воздвигли памятники

      Singer Alexander Rosenbaum doesn’t like it when they say that the monument on Arbat street in Chelyabinsk was established in his honor.

      “It was erected in memory of soldiers who died in the war. I sang about them in the song “Black Tulip” – so-called the jets from Afghanistan brought the dead boys, – said Alexander “StarHit”. – This monument, I did not pose, sculpted from a photo. Then sent the finished monument, asked me if. I corrected the shape of a guitar – that’s all the changes.”

      Sculpture depicting Rosenbaum in camouflage uniforms and boots, made of bronze and iron, it cost the city 800 thousand rubles.

      Всем стоять: звезды, которым при жизни воздвигли памятники“You know, some believe that perpetuating a man in stone, a sculptor can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I’m not one of these people”, – said Alexander Yakovlevich.



      Всем стоять: звезды, которым при жизни воздвигли памятники

      Ten years ago in Belgorod, the sport complex of the University there was a sculpture in honor of nine-time world champion in the uneven bars, Svetlana Khorkina. Organizational issues during the installation of the monument was done the younger sister of gymnast Julia.

      Всем стоять: звезды, которым при жизни воздвигли памятники

      “I always have lack of time, – explained Svetlana “StarHit”. – So sometimes instead of me posed for sculptor Julia… I was pretty sure “Gymnast Khorkina” like me, countrymen and guests of Belgorod. By the way, this beauty for 10 years – part of the wedding route of the newlyweds, they take pictures with me. I hope that the sculpture will be for many years to motivate young athletes to new victories!”



      In Kirov Dmitry Malikov is highly respected. A few years ago, the singer turned the region into a social project “music Lessons”, thereby giving a chance for the gifted children to receive free musical education. In gratitude, the city government last year gave him a sculpture in the form of a piano – favourite instrument Malikov.

      “It was nice that I had the honor, – confessed Dmitry “StarHit”. – The monument is not to me, and a tribute to the music that I write. It’s great that it’s located in a very beautiful location, lovely quiet square”.