“All rivers flow”: remember the Australian kinosage about love

«Все реки текут»: вспоминаем австралийскую киносагу о любви At the relationship of the heroes of the famous Saga enthusiastically watched by audiences from all corners of the Earth. “StarHit” to find out what happened in the lives of artists whose names were known all over the world. Picture of 80-ies was incredibly popular.
«Все реки текут»: вспоминаем австралийскую киносагу о любви

The series, loosely based on the novel by Nancy Cato, tells the story of a young English girl Philadelphia Gordon. The ship on which she sailed with her parents to Australia, crashed, survived only Philadelphia and saved her sailor Tom. She found shelter with her uncle and aunt – until then, until tragic circumstances forced her to leave their home. Left without family support, practical Philadelphia temporarily parted with the dream of painting and spent all the money for a share in the ownership of the ship. Her relationship with the courageous captain Brenton at first was hard, but we know how that usually ends with mutual dislike between the main characters!

SIGRID THORNTON. Good-bye, America

In Australia the series was released in 1983, setting a record for television ratings. Actress Sigrid Thornton and her partner John waters woke up the darlings of the nation. The audience was attended cool shows in 1990 continued largely because of the role Philadelphia played another actress. Sigrid, which honestly was planning to star in “All the rivers run II”, suddenly find themselves stuck in Hollywood…

«Все реки текут»: вспоминаем австралийскую киносагу о любви

Call factory of dreams the actress had to wait four and a half years. Producer David Jacobs, who wrote the TV series “Dallas,” remembered a girl from Australian history about the boat, when typed actors in historical Western series “Paradise.” Special “under Sigrid” the main character turned from an English woman to Australia.

Need to pack for a trip to Los Angeles caught the actress by surprise. After “All rivers…” she managed to get family – married to a failed actor Tom Burstall whom he had loved from childhood, and gave birth to son Ben. And professional sides agreed on shooting in the continuation of the series. But from Hollywood Australian actors was rare, and “All the rivers run II” were an embryonic stage and was going to do somewhere to leak at best a year. Contract Sigrid involved shooting 12 episodes of “Paradise”. She decided that she will have time to get back Packed up the family and went to USA.

«Все реки текут»: вспоминаем австралийскую киносагу о любви

It didn’t really go as planned. The broadcaster extended “Paradise” for another two seasons. Also, when in Australia, the case finally came to filming the second part of “All rivers…”, Sigrid was pregnant. She returned to Australia after a screening of “All the rivers run II”, deciding that the opportunity to educate children in their native land continue more American career.

Hollywood did not exist, but the 58-year-old Sigrid enough work in Australia. She plays in the theater, the head of the Fund of assistance to young writers, film on television. Last year was marked in the TV series “the Code” and joined the ensemble cast of the TV series “Wentworth” about the everyday life in a women’s prison. Sigrid still married to Tom who works in the insurance industry of filmmaking. Their son Ben became a teacher, the daughter chose the publishing business.

«Все реки текут»: вспоминаем австралийскую киносагу о любви


Many fans of the series would like-over novel between Sigrid and John waters, but it did not happen. Unlike Actresses, who all his life loves another man, John while filming was in a second marriage, and on weekends, raised two children from the first. It did not prevent him from becoming the Australian sex symbol, which is funny, because John was born in Britain and moved to Australia as an adult.

68-year-old John still considers himself more a musician than an actor.

«Все реки текут»: вспоминаем австралийскую киносагу о любви“I didn’t want to go into the profession after his father – he admits. – To continue the “family business” only because the family expects you to do wrong. I was involved when I started to look for jobs in the episodes of the father.”
«Все реки текут»: вспоминаем австралийскую киносагу о любви

In Hollywood by John after the show’s name was, but he could not tear himself away from Australia. The most that he agreed to take his musical creativity in the tour. Peru waters belong to two performances based on the songs of John Lennon and Jacques Brel. In his spare time he writes, illustrates and puts on music children’s books about the old man with a talking parrot.

Was John’s life and dark times. After the second divorce he became depressed. “I missed one in a rented apartment, – the actor recalled. I thought no woman would give a chance to the man who ruined two families.” Fortunately, he was wrong. Now John is happily married to 47-year-old Englishwoman Zoe Burton, a former purchasing Manager electronic components. All the actor has five children and two grandchildren.


Tingwell Charles (uncle Charles) died in 2009. Before becoming an actor, he was a military pilot, participant of the Second world war. After the war Charles married his high school sweetheart Audrey, who bore him two children. The actor is survived his wife of 13 years, but claimed that he continues to communicate with her and feel her presence, especially in the kitchen.

«Все реки текут»: вспоминаем австралийскую киносагу о любви

Dinah shearing (aunt Esther), alive and amazingly active for a woman of 89 years. Three years ago she lost her husband, but to move to one of the two sons refused. Could not leave in the lurch Amateur theatre, which he runs.

«Все реки текут»: вспоминаем австралийскую киносагу о любви

Gus Mercurio (Tom) died in December 2010. He was born in America, served in the marine corps and was part of the team USA Boxing at the Olympic games in Melbourne. Then decided to move to Australia permanently. In his spare acting time, Gus was tried and commented on the box was a qualified chiropractor. Two marriages he had seven children. “Formidable exterior hid a kind sensitive soul,” said he Sigrid Thornton.

«Все реки текут»: вспоминаем австралийскую киносагу о любви

Nikki Coghill (Philadelphia in the second part of the series) now appears on screens only. A few years ago, 53-year-old former dancer got the diploma of the psychologist – consultant on employment. “I am now more interested in helping people find their purpose,” says Nikki. She is married and has two adult daughters.