All PE for the last week of the world Cup

Все ЧП за прошедшую неделю чемпионата мира по футболу

In the midst of
a Grand sports festival that is currently taking place across Russia, in
The network appeared “summary” emergencies overshadowed by the world Cup
football. publishes the ranking of the most
the scandalous incidents of the world Cup.

1. In
Luzhniki daughter of Egyptian Ambassador Ihab Nasr stole the IPhone X.

2. Immediately
after the match, a French citizen, 35-year-old Jean Of Philippe got into a bar fight “Cuba
Libre” on the Big Dmitrovka. To be hospitalized.

3. And
indeed, in Sklife it could be the roommate of another foreigner, a 52-year-old
employee of Interpol Lugones Gustavo. On him fell off the fence fan.

4. Four spree citizen of Saudi Arabia had a fight with the club protection “Crazy
Daisy” due to the fact that they were not allowed inside. To put up they were taken to the Department.

5. More
one guest from Saudi Arabia Aldric knife, Abdullah told
in the capital of the taxi driver, the driver blamed his cards 29 000 instead of 3

6. All
this time looking for a lost fan from Vietnam, Phan Minh Viet behind
his group even got on a train Moscow-St. Petersburg.

Emergency medical aid was required to the wife of the Vice-President of FIFA, Alejandro
Dominguez. At first I thought she got something in the eye, the case has attracted the best
ophthalmologists in the capital. It turned out that was incorrectly installed lens.

The taxi driver wrote a statement to the police on the fan from USA. This citizen
I unzipped my pants and pooped in his car — a brand new Skoda.

Spouse well this American was hospitalized with alcohol intoxication in
capital hospital. Both could not stand on his feet.

The bare Muscovite fell from the 6th floor to the fans from Argentina.

Moroccan Peter hit his head on the bridge. How is this possible? Abdul Wali explained to the doctors of the Mariinsky hospital, rode
on a river boat on the Fontanka river, stood on the deck and did not notice
the bridge over the river. Now he lies in a hospital bed, bandaged.

A tourist from China took part in group sex in Moscow and is now asking
the police support it and to delete the record (one of the participating recorded all on

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