All of a sudden! Scientists said that Pokemon Go extends the life of

Внезапно! Ученые заявили, что Pokemon Go продлевает жизнь

The expert of Stanford University Tim Althoff noticed that the fishers of monsters doing more steps per day, which helps to strengthen the heart.

Mobile game whose sole purpose catching monsters on the streets of the world, reached its peak of popularity… Indeed, among the million fans of Pikachu appeared and researchers from Stanford University. With only one blot: the scientists turned their attention not on monsters, but on themselves playing! And soon made a very intriguing statement. Namely, players Pokemon Go will live longer…

The statement, agree, promising! But as it turned out, the head of the research group Tim Althoff made him reasonably.

And by analyzing physical activity 1420 participants in the game, came to the conclusion that participation in the game “increases physical activity in men and women regardless of age.”

And they do it in a day in 1473 step more than usual.

“In the study we found that the average age of players is 33 years, 36,5% of them are overweight, and in 28.2% are obese. And, of course, any kind of movement will do them only good,” said Althoff in an interview with the online edition of Polygon.

There would be monsters in the gym, right on the bike path… Then does their prices will not be!