All in shock: another Hollywood couple announced the divorce

Все в шоке: еще одна голливудская пара объявила о разводе

Rumor has it that another celebrity marriage is on the verge of collapse. They say that actor two years later, tired of family life.

Hollywood is just sort of fashion divorce. Otherwise, how else to explain the fact that the stars ceased to fight for their families. Drop immediately to the Registrar with the petition for divorce. Here and George Clooney, they say, tired of the constant quarrels with his wife Amal and instead to talk with his wife, to understand the reasons for their differences as something to please the beloved, on the contrary, threatens divorce.

And the reason for them fighting the whole world already knows. 38-year-old Amal dreams of children and are literally all ears buzz husband about my dream.

Clooney to this question is absolutely indifferent. Well, if we have children, well, they will not – too bad. One Clooney knows exactly: much effort in this case, he’s not going to work. And rumor has it that Amal cannot conceive naturally and, therefore, the spouses should seek help from professionals. Perhaps enlist the help of a surrogate mother or to think about adoption of the baby. George about all this and not want to hear. It is easier to divorce constantly nagging wife, than to solve such complex tasks.

“George realized that he and Amal are not on the way, he would prefer a wife childfree as Jennifer aniston or Cameron Diaz. However, he fears the possible reactions Amal: George suspects that she’ll take the example of the ex-wife of his best friend brad pitt, Angelina Jolie, and deploy a campaign to discredit him”, – told the insider in an interview with the American portal Celebdirtylaundry.

But the choice really difficult. Amal is a lawyer by profession, so in the divorce from my ex-husband precisely and wet places will not leave. Perhaps Clooney is more profitable to agree to her terms and finally have offspring. As an actor you know the answer, time will tell.