Всё ради герцогини Меган: Елизавета II нарушила королевскую традицию
The wife of Prince Harry got a new special gift from his grandmother.

Всё ради герцогини Меган: Елизавета II нарушила королевскую традицию

Elizabeth II again showed favor to the Duchess of Sussex. Spouse Prince Harry recently made a special gift in the form of family crest. By order of the Queen of Britain, he was personally handed the Duchess Megan, that once again broke the Royal tradition.

In fact, the coat of arms had to be handed over to the father-in-law Prince Harry — Thomas Markle a week before the wedding, but his illness prevented. Then it was decided to change the rules and pass the family heraldic symbol after the celebration directly the Duchess Megan. By the way, the coat of arms of the Duchess Catherine, the wife of Prince William, according to the tradition kept by her father.

Duchess Megan participated in the development of the emblem, which was approved by Queen Elizabeth II. The press service of Kensington Palace said details of his creation. Half of the coat of arms repeats the emblem of Prince Harry, has received in 18 years. But the second was created specifically for the Duchess Megan. “The blue background of the shield represents the Pacific ocean off the coast of California, and two Golden beam crossing the coat of arms, symbolizes the light of the sun in the home state of the Duchess. From the wife’s coat of arms supported soaring songbird with an open beak, which, coupled with feathers symbolize communication and the power of words”, – told the Herald of the house of Heraldry, Thomas woodcock.

A curious detail: the bird is depicted wearing on the neck of the heraldic crown of a Prince Harry. In addition, the box under the coat of arms decorated with Golden California poppies (a reference to the origin of the Duchess Megan) and twigs of the shrub himavanta growing in the garden of Kensington Palace.

It is worth noting that although Elizabeth II and closes his eyes to many things connected with the Duchess Megan, to endure the absence of her Royal manners, she is not going to. Recently it became known that the wife of Prince Harry forcibly sent to six-month courses of etiquette.