All dogs go to heaven: there is evidence

Все псы попадают в рай: есть доказательства

Kathy Callaghan from the United States published a post on the social network of his who died of cancer the dog has suddenly become an Internet star.

The Callaghan family was heartbroken after the death of their pet dog named Bandit. And who knows how long they have lived in despondency, if not received the message from a deceased pet. Yes, we were not mistaken. Katie Callahan, with all the relatives assured friends and subscribers microblog that the Bandit sent them a sign that he is doing well now.

The girl published in Twitter a photo with the dogs bowl, where the drops of water was a picture of a smiley face.

“My 15-year-old dog died two days ago, and tonight my mom found the bowl. A Paradise for dogs do exist. Love Bandit,” commented Katie publication.

Incredibly, her post became one of the most popular in the network. In a few hours he was talikala more than 30 million Internet users and 11 thousand I posted on pages. For Katie and her family, the response of unknown people was certainly a surprise. None of them and had no idea that so many people deem a smiley face on the bowl is not a coincidence.

“We didn’t expect that post reads that many people, but to us it, certainly, very pleasantly, – admitted the owner of the dog, writes BuzzFeed. We all loved Bandit and will always remember about him. He conquered our hearts.”