Все о «Гречанке»: герои, интересные факты и секреты постельных сцен On the First channel started showing the series of the film of Ukrainian production. The main character “the Greek” will have to pass a series of difficult tests before to find happiness. “StarHit” learned the details of working on exciting romance.

      Все о «Гречанке»: герои, интересные факты и секреты постельных сцен

      This week the First channel began showing the series melodrama “the Hellene”, which tells the story of a young girl from the province, the victim of an unequal marriage. The main character, Tanya Kulikova interested in art and works in the Museum. She falls in love with an art dealer from the capital Grigoriy Sereda, and then becomes his wife. However, Kulikova marriage cannot be called happy, because the environment of the beloved begins to build her plots. Moreover, Gregory himself does not always stands on the side of his wife. Tanya has a long and thorny path, before finding the road to happiness.


      It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian series have been filmed in 2015, but to the Russian screens got only now. The main role in “the Greek” was played by actress Olga Grishina, who also starred in “Central hospital” and “Forbidden love”. The girl believes that the series would be interesting to a wide audience because it is close to real life.

      “The hardest part was given to me shooting scene on the roof. Now every time I pass by this building in the center of Kiev, shudder (laughs). Stand on the edge of the wind and watch on the pavement – both scary and exciting,” recalled Olga Grishina.
      Все о «Гречанке»: герои, интересные факты и секреты постельных сцен

      The heroes of “Greek woman” turned out to be multilateral and as if drawn from real people, with all their pluses and minuses. Even Tanya Kulikova, you can find negative aspects, what can we say about other characters. So, the husband is cheating on her with insidious Irina, who is aiming for a place lovers of art. Fatal beauty, played by Victoria Litvinenko, constantly scheming.

      Все о «Гречанке»: герои, интересные факты и секреты постельных сцен

      In turn, the main character Gregory performed by Anton Feoktistov from early childhood accustomed to luxury as to what goes without saying. The young man grew up without a father, was raised by his mother, always aspiring to power. Woman enjoying luxurious lifestyle and provides children with everything they needed – money, and even antique shops. Gregory and his sister grew up very spoiled, real spoiled child.

      Sophia, the mother of a young man doing everything in order to destroy the daughter-in-law. The woman constantly shows itself not with the best hand. The audience can see that it is ruthlessness and coldness. Moreover, Gregory’s mother, very reserved and does not allow himself to Express much emotion. However, the actress Olga Sumska finds in his character and positive qualities. In one interview she said she believes in the Church of the lonely man with problems.

      “The more I delved into the role, the more interesting it got. The red tent has lots of negative qualities. Somehow came to me a girl and said: “Olga, I am a huge fan. And for me you are so different in every role, but here is a real bitch!” For some reason I played a lot of bitches, these such, I offer them quite often. By the way, this image must also be able to realize that it is not so easy…” – admitted to journalists Olga Sumskaya, embodied on the screen the image of the mother of Grigory Sereda.
      Все о «Гречанке»: герои, интересные факты и секреты постельных сцен

      Creators prefer not to disclose the details of the plot to keep the viewer in suspense. We only know that Tanya Kulikov expect suffering, anxiety and betrayal by those she trusted. The heroine will have to go to a psychiatric clinic and to lose the house.


      During the filming of “the Greek” was replaced by four children and several dogs. Initially the serial was filmed shepherd named Glasha, but it soon became clear that it can not cope with complex scenes, for example, can take the man out of the fire. So it had to be replaced by another animal. They became the dog Count. But there arose a new difficulty.

      “Sit at the table smart uncles and aunts, looking at the hefty smart “Ovcara” and invent how to make a girl, the audience did not notice that it was a boy. This had to be the film” – shared Director Igor Zabara.
      Все о «Гречанке»: герои, интересные факты и секреты постельных сцен

      As for the children, they were changing for two reasons. Not all young artists cope with daily shooting. There were those who could not stand and left the project. Other small actors just grew up and couldn’t play for the objective reasons.

      This finding was Roma Kondratyuk, well cope with the role of power grandson of Sophia. I wonder what his sister had to play a very little baby, but the girl did not like to be an actress. She threw a tantrum and left the set. Her care has long been debated former colleagues: every time when Roma started to act up, he threatened to “dismissal”.

      Problems occurred with older artists. They are not always obeyed directed by Igor Zabara. So, Alyona alymova, who played the sister of the protagonist, often laughing while shooting serious scenes. It is difficult to find justice. In the end, Igor came up with for her original system of fines. When the girl began to laugh and tore a brace, she had to pay Zabaras a bottle of whiskey.

      Another time, the pyrotechnics didn’t work out, when needed. Pre-prepared “shells” on the white shirts of the characters exploded at the most inopportune moment and splattered red paint on clothes. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The only shooting I had to endure: the actors waited to bring clean clothes.


    • 50-year-old Olga Sumskaya seemed the creators of the series too young. Without thinking twice, they decided to downgrade it using makeup. But in the end I abandoned this idea, deciding that her heroine Sophia looks amazing due to the fact that can afford expensive beauty treatments.
    • The construction of the scenery for the filming of the series lasted about two months. All was provided for about 60 different locations, including the hotel, the home of heroes and the police.
    • Props for the show looked for everywhere: at flea markets and even abroad. Some furniture ordered from Europe, and the other was rented out. By the way, all the paintings that you can see in the picture is a fake.
    • The sex scenes were shot from the back. This was done so that the actors felt no tension during the process. The artists also gave a special silicone lining flesh color so they could hide their charms.
    • Based on the materials of “Telenedelya” and Moscow-Baku.ru