Алиса Вокс высказалась о разводе Сергея Шнурова The former soloist of group “Leningrad”, said that in recent years it increasingly journalists to comment on the difficult situation with marriage breakdown in Russia. Alisa VOX did not mention any specific names, but subscribers artist knew immediately who she’s talking about.
Алиса Вокс высказалась о разводе Сергея Шнурова

Last week the leader of the “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov said that divorces with his wife Matilde. The news about the breakup of a couple, which seemed so strong, was a surprise for all her fans. Colleagues of the musician said that this will not affect the tour schedule.

That was the reason for the disagreement between Sergey and Matilda, is not known. Journalists tried to get comments from the ex-soloist of group “Leningrad” Alice Vaux, worked for several years with Shnurov. The artist decided to answer them in social networks. The VOX did not mention any specific names, but everyone understood that we are talking about Sergey and Matilda.

“All as one, please comment on the difficult situation with the divorce process in Russia. Well – commented: “today in Russia disintegrates over 50% of marriages. 41% because of alcoholism of a spouse. Most often the initiator of the divorce becomes a woman. I got divorced 2.5 years ago. Also became the initiator of the divorce. And I do not regret”. But in General I like the stability that I set trends. Use – I do not mind,” shared Alice.
Алиса Вокс высказалась о разводе Сергея Шнурова

Someone from VOX subscribers accused of a desire to attract attention to the information the reason. “And what is my PR? I even wonder. I just gave statistics, nothing more,” replied the singer detractors.

Meanwhile, fans of Sergey Shnurov believe that he can do to get back together with her. The musician published in social networks, sad poems. Subscribers Sergei believe that they are dedicated to Mathilde. Recently, the actor admitted that he can’t forget a loved person:

In the last act I Piero.
We don’t look anything like that
How false lousy covers.
And the people shout,
Tears flow in streams,
The eyes of the girls,
But I miss you.
Think… think of you.
And will not put my Duma.

Friends Shnurovym try to influence their relationship. So, a friend of Sergey and Matilda Ksenia Sobchak publicly asked the leader of the “Leningrad” during the party, held in the framework of SPIEF. “Make your peace with her,” said TV presenter musician. Then she added that she loves both spouses. Sergey drew the statement of a friend as a joke.

In turn, Matilda thanked the caring people for support. “It’s tough to comment on the sad news that many of you found out today, wrote restaurateur on Friday. – I will refrain and allow myself personal leave personal.”