Alisa VOX retorted fans to their offences

Алиса Вокс резко ответила фанатам на их оскорбления

The ex-soloist of “Leningrad” admitted that he was expecting the worst, until flying in the face of the bottles.

“When I came to the group “Leningrad”, from the audience I was flying bottles and insults, it was a very difficult period, but I did it. To such displays I’m used to it,” wrote the singer on his page on “Instagrame” that in the last days just the same swept an avalanche of angry and sometimes obscene insults from the former, as it is now seen, fans of the singer.

Ex-the fans do not conceal that they are extremely disappointed first solo clip of Alice “Hold” it, after leaving “Leningrad”, removed the words and music of the Ukrainian author Kuzma Skryabin. It is this author’s borrowing and surprised the audience, because everyone expected from a girl her own original creativity.

In response, Alice told her readers in social networks music fans the whole story of her love for the work of Scriabin. And even posted archival photos with his tape in hand.

We will remind that earlier, in an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day, Alice told me that she had met Scriabin’s widow (he died last year) and got her permission to sing Kuzma. Moreover, the whole of her first album will consist of these songs.

Well, a girl can understand: their hits it’s still not written, and the old “Leningrad”, she was banned from singing Cords. Yes and uninteresting Alice to repeat what she did at his.

“I consciously decided not to exploit the image that has been with me for 3.5 years in “Leningrad”, and to start doing something that is close to me personally. If our tastes do not match, there is nothing wrong, you just need to recognize that they are different”, quite clearly and boldly written by the singer with all of his disappointed audience.

However, a barrage of criticism after it did not subside. And the first clip of Alice VOX, if you have not seen or heard, looks and sounds like this:

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