Alisa VOX: “In “Leningrad” was not me!”

Алиса Вокс: «В «Ленинграде» была не я!»

The ex-soloist of group Sergey Shnurov about the louboutins no longer sings, but his first solo music video “Hold” presented on the exhibition van Gogh in Saint-Petersburg “Lumiere lounge”. And although Serge its not there name, no subject Shnurov has not done.

Recall that the “Leningrad” Alisa left on March 24. And at first pretended that they Shnurov broke the world. But now it turns out that the relationship with the former “boss” pretty spoiled. Details – in an interview with Woman’s Day.

Alice, yesterday, Sergey Shnurova’s birthday. You congratulated him?

Алиса Вокс: «В «Ленинграде» была не я!»

– Without comments. I’m not going to talk about Shnurov. This topic is closed to me.

And date picker, when the premiere of your clip, with his birthday not connected in any way?

Алиса Вокс: «В «Ленинграде» была не я!»

– Date associated solely with the willingness of the clip. We thought to make a presentation later. And then I thought, why torment waiting and those who are waiting for the premiere.

Yes, but your allegedly premiere new song “Hold on” was a Remix of the hit “take it “hand” of the Ukrainian singer and musician Kuzma Skryabin. And everyone was expecting your compositions, they’re album will be?

Алиса Вокс: «В «Ленинграде» была не я!»

– No, all the songs from my debut album composed by Scriabin. I’ve always liked his work. But the idea to record these songs came to my mind after the death of the author (singer and composer died in a car accident in February 2015. – Approx. Woman’s Day). I spoke with his widow, and we came to the conclusion that the start of my solo career to start with this excellent musical material will be correct. I am very glad that Svetlana said so many kind words addressed to me. It turns out that she and her husband knew about me, and even discussed me. She said that Andrew would even be happy if he was alive, that this turn of events.

Well, your own songs you will please the fans or will only the remakes?

Алиса Вокс: «В «Ленинграде» была не я!»

My songs will be in the next album. I have already started to prepare the material. And the first single from the second album we will be ready to submit in December.

Wow, you have big plans. But at least the first disc when released?

Алиса Вокс: «В «Ленинграде» была не я!»

30 June, on my birthday. Plan to make a presentation in one of St. Petersburg theaters. This theatre is beautiful with the scenes. Prior to that, will make a presentation of the two singles and music videos on them.

You’ll remain the same girl, the wild child, which all of you remember the group “Leningrad” or radically change the image?

Алиса Вокс: «В «Ленинграде» была не я!»

My new way completely divorced from the story, which was in the group. He is much closer to me. It’s not even a way, it’s me. So provocative antics from me do not wait. Alice is Alice, she was different. And my songs are synth pop, dance-rock. I was inspired by the work of groups like Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys My music to those for whom it will appeal. I have my own way. And I’m glad I have a chance to go through it from beginning to end.

Well, how do you evaluate the chance to settle down in the group “Leningrad” to the women who have you replaced?

– Again: I do not answer the questions concerning the “Leningrad”.

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