Алиса Фрейндлих сделала внучке дорогой презент People’s artist congratulated Anna Tarasova with graduation. Freundlich gave the girl an expensive bracelet of gold. According to Anna, this day she will never be forgotten. And the young novice producer gave her a beautiful dress. By the way, very soon, beloved ones going to get married.

      Алиса Фрейндлих сделала внучке дорогой презент

      Recently, the beloved granddaughter of the actress Alisa Freundlich received a diploma of higher education. Now 21-year-old Anna Tarasova graduated from St. Petersburg theatre arts Academy, where, by the way, once I learned her famous grandmother. Of course, she could not miss such an important event in the life of a granddaughter and attended the solemn ceremony of awarding diplomas.

      In addition, people’s artist personally congratulated the novice professional producer. When the official part of the event ended, Freundlich without fanfare, Freundlich gave Anya an expensive gift – a luxurious gold bracelet. Tarasov admitted that I will never forget the gift of his legendary grandmother.

      “I will be happy to wear it – shared in Tarasova with “StarHit”. – A memory for life of that day”.
      Алиса Фрейндлих сделала внучке дорогой презент

      The girl also came to congratulate, and her fiance is an aspiring actor Alexey Myshinsky. But the gift he gave in advance. As it turned out, he gave a sweetheart dress, which she had long dreamed of. That day Anna wore it specially to please the young man, and to demonstrate how his gift is important to her.

      “We walked around the shops, and Anya liked the pale blue dress,” said beloved Anna Tarasova “StarHit”. Later I went and bought this outfit for your favorite. She wore it on the day of graduation”.
      Алиса Фрейндлих сделала внучке дорогой презент

      By the way, in the nearest plans of Alex and Ani once again to go shopping. But this time young people are going to purchase wedding outfit. The fact that the lovers are planning to legalize their relationship. It is known that a solemn ceremony on this occasion will be modest, without any large scale. Guests of Alex and Ani will be only the closest friends.

      Anna Tarasova for the first time was released with his future fiance in June of last year. They studied together at the University. Prior to this interview, Anna said that he would choose a spouse based on the recommendations of the grandmother. And later admitted that Alisa Freundlich Alexei was approved. The mother of the girl is also delighted with Melinskogo. He even celebrated New year with his family his girl. Offer sweetheart Alex made in the Dominican Republic, during a joint trip. Tarasov remembered that it was very romantic. Then the girl even cried with emotion.

      Granddaughter of Alice Freindlich: “my Mother and grandmother immediately took my fiancé”

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