Алиса Фрейндлих получила роль по блату The famous actress is happy to be in the film “Carp frostbitten”. Producer tragicomedy Vladimir Kott was the grandson of a celebrity Nikita Vladimirov. He talked about how was working on a painting.
Алиса Фрейндлих получила роль по блату

Not so long ago held a premiere of the film “Carp frostbitten” by Marina Neelova, Alisa Freundlich, Yevgeny Mironov and Sergei Puskepalis. Tragicomedy tells the pensioner Elena Mikhailovna, who lives in a provincial town. Unexpectedly, she learns about the deadly diagnosis, because of which her life can at any moment be broken. An elderly woman decides to arrange her funeral so as not to disturb the busy son, running a business coach.

The main character played by Marina Neyolova, and her talkative neighbor who is not shy to show its character, – Alisa Freundlich. In an interview, she admitted that not feeling anything in common with this character. However, Freundlich was fun to get into character. This was told by her grandson Nikita Vladimirov, who acted as the producer of the film.

“Alice, Brunovna the role went to pull. We joke, – said the young man, laughing. – Actually, it was unexpected, no one was planning on her part. She was not planned. I just gave her the script and asked to read. I was interested in her opinion. She read and said that there is a role of a neighbor, Lyudmila, which was written for a completely different type: “Terrific role, someone so lucky, it is possible to play, Oh what a pity, I always wanted something similar to play, never played”.
Алиса Фрейндлих получила роль по блату

Seeing how reacted the famous actress, her grandson could not remain indifferent. The result was a decision to make changes in the script and suggest the role of Alice, Brunone.

“We all knew that Alice Brunovna may not do ill that good definitely will. Tweaked the script and what happened. Very cool role. She was very happy. It was important. I put her interests above the interests of the film, because she is so fired up that I simply could not give her the opportunity to get such a pleasure,” – said Vladimirov.

Reporters asked Nikita if he has a controversy with the famous grandmother. The young man did not deny that he sometimes has disagreements with Alice by Brunoni. According to the grandson of the star, they can last a long time.

“She’s the man is very thorough and very intelligent. And very deep and smart, so if you and her start to argue, her position, her opinion is very well thought out opinion. It is never on emotions. Never. She has absolute self-control. Always,” – said Nikita publication The Hollywood Reporter.