Alisa Freundlich explained why avoids people

Алиса Фрейндлих объяснила, почему избегает людей The star of the movie “Office romance” tries not to appear in public places. According to Freundlich, she doesn’t like when fans demand to be photographed. Because of this, the artist is forced to walk in the evenings.
Алиса Фрейндлих объяснила, почему избегает людей

In the beginning of next week on cinema screens released film “Big,” directed by Valery Todorovsky. One of the main roles in the model is played by the incomparable Alisa Freundlich. 82-year-old actress happily agreed to take part in the project about the ballet and the theatre, because she loves dancing.

The celebrity admitted that she is still recognized on the streets, and sometimes even aggressively asking for an autograph or to make selfi.

“You can relax as you want. But to torment me somewhere to go. Sometimes I give myself the task: specifically walk. Try to walk in the dark, when will not stop to ask for an autograph and, worst of all, ask for a photo – now everyone has cameras on their phones. Some kind of epidemic,” said Freundlich.

Alice Brunovna tries to follow the latest in movies and TV, and go to the theater. As recognized by the actress, she agreed to take part in the movie “Big”, as she is very close to this story. Freundlich explained that life was very fond of ballet, and in his youth ran through the subscription to the performances at the Mariinsky. For the role of the teacher Galina Mikhailovna Beletskaya she had to visit the Vaganova school, to see how actually working professionals.

“In my presence the teachers were very gentle and affectionate with the students. Although girls from other schools who starred in the film, saying that it is actually in a ballet shop hard. But I was not able to observe. Although something I learned. It was important for me to feel the atmosphere of the lesson, as ballerinas are worn at recess, how naughty. What they are touching, tiny, little Bunny. Each of them want to feed”, said Freundlich.

By the way, Alice Brunovna has worked with Todorovsky. She starred in his acclaimed film “Moscow nights”. According to the artist, Valeriy – talented and intelligent man who knows how to work with actors. The star admitted in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem” that during filming, never had any disputes and confusion, and it speaks to the professionalism of the team.