Алина Загитова получила главный подарок за «золото» на Олимпиаде
The champion studies the guide dog owners act inu.

Алина Загитова получила главный подарок за «золото» на Олимпиаде

After its unconditional victory at the Olympics in Phenocane Alina Sagitova admitted that more than anything else (of course, after the most Olympic medals) she wants to have a dog of breed Akita-inu.

“I was at the training camp in Japan and saw a magazine that had pictures of dogs breed Akita inu. Dog breed, filmed the famous movie “Hachiko”. To me these dogs are just like it. I really wanted to I had such a devoted friend, — told the athlete then the press-service of Federation of Figure skating. Told my mom I wanted a dog. Mother said: “Speaking well at the Olympics, we’ll see.”

Parents do not have time to fulfill the dream of girls. Japanese Association for the conservation of the purity of the national breed Japanese Akita inu has offered to give the champion puppy. Some time Alina’s parents were thinking whether to accept this gift. Their main doubt was that Alina is very often travels to camps and competitions, and in Moscow comes home only late in the evening after school and training. The girl lives in a rented apartment with his grandmother and younger sister, so it is unlikely she will be able to provide the dog proper care. But in the end agreed.

Aline has already sent red puppy female. She decided to call him Masaru, translated from Japanese, this means “victory”. Waiting for dream skater is studying the book “a Guide for owners of” dogs of this breed.

By the way, it is unclear how the dog will fit in a modest apartment in Sagitova. Recently in the world press, a scandal erupted when Japanese TV visited the champion, and saw the girl sleeping in the same bed with my sister, and medals hanging on the chandelier. Perhaps the solution to the housing problem, the representatives of the athletes also do. Because of its “gold” Sagitova got a lot of money — more than 13 million rubles. For this money you can buy a good apartment in the capital. But your jeep that skater also presented from the state, Alina presented to parents. It’s already been delivered to Izhevsk.