Алина Загитова может лишиться звания лучшей фигуристки планеты While the world Championship leader Italian. On account of 31-year-old Carolina Kostner numerous victories in prestigious competitions. Despite the fact that in Pyeongchang she was only fifth, now, after the short program, she overtook Alina Sagitova.

Milan started the world championship on figure skating. Despite the fact that a month ago, the undisputed leaders have been Russian woman Alina Sagitova and Evgeny Medvedev, at the moment unfolded in a completely different fight. After the short program, first place pulled out a very experienced athlete is Italian Carolina Kostner. The girl of 31 years at the European Championships she took third place at the Olympics in Korean Pyeongchang became only the fifth.

Interestingly, in these competitions not participate, the silver medallist Evgeny Medvedev. A girl who has only recently recovered from a serious injury, again came under close medical supervision. Skater recommended to limit the load on the foot to avoid disastrous consequences. The athlete decided to follow the advice of experts, but because these contests went by Stanislav Konstantinov. However, the start of the girls have disappointed fans – she fell and received the lowest scores from the judges.

It was surprising that Alina Sagitova, which became a sensation in figure skating in recent years and beat the records yielded Carolina Kostner. Although many say that the Italian deserves the highest award. Athlete trains at the famous Alexei Mishin. Before the Olympics they ended the cooperation that skazalos on the result. Now costner regained the lead, scoring a record of 80.27 points.

In 2015, Carolina had to face a serious challenge – it was disqualified for one year and four months for using doping to the young man. Because the Olympic champion in race walking Alex Swatara she lost the right even to train in any of the rinks in the country. The man kept illegal drugs in the fridge sweetheart, so she was admitted accomplice.

“When the doorbell rang, he said, “is this a drug test? I’m told that at this time I’d be home. Could you please tell them that I’m not here? And I’m going home.” I had no reason to doubt him. I loved this man and trusted him. I never thought that he would use me with some other goals,” admitted the skater.

The girl had secretly early in the morning to go to a skating rink, and a day to work in the administration of a Roman prison. At the end of the punishment she happily returned to a career in sport.

On account of Carolina’s participation in four Olympic games. Despite falling during performances she often received high marks than those who made only minor errors. As reported by “the championship” in figure skating scores depend on many factors, including the artistry and designing a plan that the Italians were on top.